​How to uninstall skin properly?

  • I installed some LE interface skin, with all it dependencies. How to clean uninstall skin?

    First switch to some other skin. Then go to addons/user addons and delete the one you want to get rid of (under look & feel/skins). After that you can go to settings/addons and find out via manage dependencies which additional addons are no longer needed and can be removed as well.

    Note that you cannot de-install the default skin that came with libreELEC but only ones you installed yourself as addon.

  • The skin was "Bello 6". I uninstalled it, but not sure about it dependencies though. It was installed very slow. Didn't find manage dependencies menu.

  • Where are located these addons? They all are installed by Bello 6 skin?







  • all they all are required for Bello6 skin only or for the default skin that came with libreELEC?

  • You need to ask the skin author if you doubt that all of them are needed for his skin.

    Vanilla LibreELEC comes with the stock Estuary Skin. The only requirement for Estuary is:

    skin.estuary/addon.xml at krypton · phil65/skin.estuary · GitHub

    If you install additional skins to get additional features you need additional requirements, probably. Therefore the skin-author will know best what he needs and what not.

    If an addon.xml for a specific skin shows some requirements, then those requirements are only for that skin. Other skins might depend on other requirements. Some of those skins use the same requirements. It´s all done individually from the skin-author and reviewed by TeamKodi if the skin-author submits his skin to the official Kodi repo.