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    I will look into this, it's a relatively easy change to make.

    On another note, a new version has been uploaded v1.0.7.1 unfortunately this will require a manual upgrade as I broke automatic upgrades in 106 by moving the patch for LE-settings. Just place the update tarball in the update folder and reboot.

    This version includes the latest version of Kodi source and the RTL8723DS wifi driver and of course the latest changes in the LE master branch. videos work all over again, only problem im still having compared to 1.0.5 is retroarch, cos included librerto support is still way off, maybe when there is a good frontend for launching roms, but doing it from included file manager, especially if its in bin, cue, and other cd files(as it just wants to play them as audio) is not viable. and still no reicast in kodi as well. ive put a file that is supposed to terminate kodi on retroarch start and that has done just so up to version 1.0.5. the line in question are near the bottom of the file, if you could check it out it would be great

    nevermind, it terminates kodi now, just fixed itself after several i only need to find out why audio is not working even thou it works in all versions up to 1.0.5



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    There was some changes to game packages in the last release, I will look into this.

    I am not talking about included libretro, this is a way to run optimised lakka retroarch alongside kodI basically

    kodi emulators, at least in the case of pcsx rearmed, are unusable...probably has something to do with why lakka s905 pcsx rearmed os over 1mb when kodi uses generic one that is around 500kb

    you are missing the fact you cant play anything above 720p on netflix

    this is the only version of retroarch that i found that just works out of the box

    [LibreELEC] Run RetroArch on your S905/S905X device! -

    if anyone has anything better and maybe how to get reicast and emulationstation on here would be great, basically if anyone can make an rx05re with this leia build

    is that really a solution, staying on an old version of inputstream? cos the new version works with other builds. and what if new versions of netflix plugin stop working with this version of inputstream?

    I did not, explicitly...


    try here

    well, netflix works fine with this build, provided i install everything on any adamg builds from the first post and than update with this, problem is i cant install anything from libreelec repo after that, i choose an addon to install and nothing happens, and under repository it just says unknown instead of libreelec, every other repo works just fine, any solution?

    Netflix works here and it is working for others, could you try a fresh installation of everything.

    The audio stream can be selected in the audio settings and then set to default as for your second issue as ChimeyJimmey says this is down to the inputstream addon settings.

    That's very strange, I wonder if you have a hardware issue, I have tried running from the internal nand and a USB flash drive and not had that issue, I will try a microSD card later on tonight.

    it it a fresh installation of 1.0.1, not an update

    It would help if you had provided a copy of your kodi log

    Nevertheless I have discovered the problem with the Netflix addon, it will be fixed in the next build.

    sorry, i meant to do it today as i put my regular libreelec back on so my housemates can use it, great to hear you fixed it, looking forward to testing it, thanks for all the hard work

    thanks for that, installed netflix just to get the same problem as you. keeps freezing and rebooting after i try to play an episode