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    Leave everything as standard as LE was out of the box and run the Kodi GUI at 1080p 60Hz (or 50Hz if you use 25i TV and Kodi PVR's).

    LE Kodi will refresh switch AND resolution switch anyway when you play 4K content.

    That's may be true for video's, but when you look at photographs, it will show them at only 1080p.

    My AVR has HDMI 2.0 and it works fine with 4k video. The only problem is it cannot passthrough 4k HDR video (out is 4k SDR).

    So I hope this HDR splitter will work with my system.

    That will work then, I think. My amp doesn't do 4K passthrough, only 4K upscaling. Think I'm gonna go for an Onkyo 656.

    No I cannot confirm, it is on the way. But in other thread another splitter mentioned which works fine. It has an EDID switch, so you can force it to use the tv's capability. I ordered this because it is declared as HDR capable.

    If I force my splitter to 4K, my amp loses audio. Doubtful any switch will work. I already have two switches, neither of them works (to be fair, one of them is a switch, not a splitter). At first I thought it was working fine, because Kodi osd media info said it was playing a file at 4K. Sure, it was playing a 4K file, but my TV was outputting 1080p.

    Adam86 :

    Instead of buying an expensive HDR capable AVR you can buy a much cheaper HDR HDMI splitter and you can enjoy HD audio and 4k together,CC

    Can you confirm this one works? I had a 4K splitter and it did split the signal simultaneously, but it capped at the lowest setting, which is my 1080p Onkyo 717. My TV was automatically limited to 1080p as well. If I force Kodi to 4K, my amp loses the signal, thus no audio. I think I'm gonna need a new amp.

    Thanks. Probably a stupid question on my part, but what should it do? I've got three boxes on three different TV's, but I can't see any difference.

    I was expecting a change like from limited RGB to full RGB , but colors and black levels stay the same.

    It works perfectly for me, juste plug the TV on output 1, set the EDID switch to TV, and then plug the Amp into OUT 2.

    I sometime have to switch it off/on, but 99% of the time, the TV switches to 2160p HDR and BT2020 when it has to.


    How do you do this? I have a 4K TV and an HD audio receiver that does not have 4K passthrough. I bought a splitter and tested if it does 4K and HDR properly with one device attached, but if I connect both the amp and Kodi, it limits to 1080p. If I set Kodi to 4K, my amp does not play any audio.

    Have been looking at these boxes, but they seem overpriced for something running android 5.1. Do you mind me asking what puts them ahead of the rest? I must be missing something, from what i can see all it has over the rest is dual band wifi and gig wan?

    Isn't that enough? If you're running Libreelec, who cares if it comes with Android 5.1? The CPU/GPU are the same, it's the Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth etc what makes a box stand out. But I must agree that these are too pricy. I'd rather pay $30 and 5$ for a USB wifi adapter ;)

    p.s. I just received my USB 3.0 gigabit Ethernet adapter from China. I have 4K demos that don't run smooth on the 100mbit LAN port of my t95n nor on the 100mbit port of my TV, but with this adapter they run smooth on my t95n (speedtest reports 255 / 155 on my internet connection).

    So for those who 'need' gigabit (although 99% of my 4K demos run fine on 100mbit), this is a 5$ performanceboost.

    Raytestrak are you able to collect logs from serial console?

    By serial console, you mean by RS-232 connection? I'm willing, if you can point me in the right direction. I might have a USB2COM adapter at work, but I getting a laptop with a com port will be more difficult. I'm now 99.99% sure it's the MCE adapter. I haven't had a freeze since I've disconnected it. It's quite an annoying thing to troubleshoot, because I can't connect to the box when it freezes.


    I have two similar Memobox t95n Mini M8S Pro boxes, both have 2GB but one has 8 and one has 16GB of storage.

    Almost everything works straight away, even the remote (no Wi-Fi though).

    The only issue that I have with both of them is that 9 out of 10 times, when turning it on with the remote, it gets stuck at the Libreelec splash screen. I don't use sleep mode, just regular power states. Network isn't up at that point by then, so I can't reboot from ssh or check logs to see whats happening exactly at that point. I need to unplug the power to get them working again. This has never resulted in a boot failure.

    I've attached debug logs from a couple of weeks ago, so it could be from 8.1.8, but the issue still persists with the current build. Thanks in advance for anything you can find. p.s. I use the gxl_p212_2g device tree.

    23.976 is the correct value. It's like Pi, everyone says 3,14 just to keep it simple.

    The android boxes from China are a difficult bunch to sort through.

    I have a memobox t95n, which is sold as a MEMOBOX T95N Mini M8S PRO. Official firmware is downloaded from, which also lists it as a T95N Mini M8S Pro.

    I've used the standard 2GB dtb file, but could (or should) I use the Mecool M8S Pro dtb file?