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    I have installed the stock skin and language (Estuary, English), the issue also happen with the skin Confluence. I think the issue is not related to the skin but in general with Matrix version of Libreelec 10. I have only Zattoo pvr client installed and if I don't find a solution here I', forced to downgrade to the 9.2 and wait until a new version come out.

    Update: just for test I tried the Generic build of nightly version Libreelec 11 and the crash with zattoo disappear. Unfortunately this version have other kind of problems for example not all repository work with it.

    I also noticed same crash after installed Zattoo PVR on Libreelec 10.0.2 installed on intel Hardware (Intel Nuc). I don't know if is a problem of libreelec (last release) or zattoo pvr. I also reported it to rbuehlma author of Zattoo PVR. It is tested with the last release of Libreelec fresh installed and with only Zattoo PVR Client addon installed

    Two options. Either have a look for dtech legacy images LE-9.2.8 builds for some Amlogic S905x, S802/S812 and S805 devices which gets you to LE 9.2.x with K19, or boot the LE11 "box" image from and see what S905 device-tree files (configured in uEnv.ini) get things working best. With the second option you will need to force recovery boot again to load new/different boot scripts. The LE11 images aren't quite as functional as legacy, but are still usable, and K20 is the future.

    I'm sure I did same things in the wrong way but I make a usb with Libreelec usb-sd creator and "LibreELEC-KI-Plus.arm-" from the first option then unplug my box insert the usb then the toothpick method and then Plugged the power supply after that I turn on the box by click on power button (if I don't click on the power button it wont turn on). After 5-6 sec I released the toothpick but nothing happen just black screen I also tried the second option (that would be my preferred option) but I don't know how force recovery boot. I tried this LibreELEC-AMLMX.arm-10.85.0-box.img.gz with the same method I did with the first option with just edit the uEnv.ini. but also with this method I think I did a mess. Thanks a million for you help

    Hi all, I need a big help .

    I have a beelink s82plus (s812) with the original firmware (unusable) which I like to replace with librelelec but I don't know the exactly build that is compatible and that I can download .

    I really appreciate any help

    Thank you

    Who told you that you absolutely need to use the haswell one? That's simply a build done with gcc -march=haswell. Use any .img.gz and try harder. There's tons of threads on this forum with the same issue.

    Hi, is strange but seems that the only one that let work properly the wifi chip (7265) in my nuc is your Haswell build. After I tried your Haswell build I tried also tons of others build, but all with the same problem, slow connection and lots of drops. instead with your build I din't find any problems in regard wifi connection.

    Hi Escalade, could you please tell me how do a clean installation with the .tar file? I can't find the .img file in your Haswell folder. I also tried to resize the 512mb (system partition) with gparted but isn't possible, then I resize the storage partition in 2 partition of 8gb each, but still the upgrade fail. The strange is that I did the upgrade around 2 days ago with just split the Storage partition but now doesn't work anymore.

    Hi. hope this is the right place to post ,

    I have a intel nuc 5i3ryh and I tried to install the Haswell .tar on top of LibreElec but after start the upgrade process a message appears that I do not have enough space in my fat partition to install it. and suggest to resize at least to 512mb.

    My partiton is 512mb and 15 GB of storage so how can I resolve this problem?

    Thanks alot for your help

    Hi I tried several time to let work librelec in my intel nuc with 7265 wifi chip but with not luck it works but with lots of buffering and drops. Just for test I tried with a cheap usb wifi adapter and it works perfect with no buffering .

    I also tried the internal wifi (7265) with Kodi in Windows 10 and in this case it works perfect without any problem. Hope some one have a solution for my problems. Thank you