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    I'm running this build on an mxq pro 4k, s905 with realtek wifi, 1gb ram, 8gb flash. Running from sd card works fine. I wish to run LE from internal flash. After installtointernal everything seems to go well and i get no error messages. But after a reboot the box wont boot from internal flash (screen stays black). When i power off the device and insert the sd card it again boots LE fine. Is there anything i can try or do to get this box to boot from internal flash?

    It seems the remote of my MXIII s802 1g/8g isn't working anymore. With and withour lirc enabled. usb keybaord works fine, so i can "control" the box. Any toughts on this? I spend a lot of time getting the box to run LE again. Needed to reflash stock android over otg, then flash 5.95.something openelec, and upgrade that to LE 8.2. Everything seems to work except ir remote.

    I was under the impression that general rockchip support was awfull, being availability of drivers and other resources. Just as it was on a lot of other soc brands (allwinner , mediatek...) Has this changed?

    32bit efi / uefi support for LE

    seems your device has 64bit efi ? I can confirm the pipo x7 isnt working. Neither is the spo-comm nano. For tablet pc's, the toshiba 7"cherry trail and onda v80 both have 32bit efi. I also encounterd cherry trail laptops with 32bit efi, even from well known brands. Cheap "netbooks" with 2gb ram and 32bit win10. Intel compute stick also has this limitation.

    Well, this has become a nice mess; after upgrading to latest stable, my mce remote generates at least double keystrokes with every key pressed. Also the remote from my pana tv suddenly seems to work, although no hdmi cec devices are listed as input devices, so nothing to disable there.

    My setup: htpc (1st gen i5 w. gt1030) on pda-v100hd with 42" pana ips. hdmi -> spdif splitter between htpc and pda-v100hd.

    As an extra treat, dts passtrough isnt working anymore. I was always able to have the hdmi output for normal and passtrough use. Now on passtrough only ac-3 works, no dts. Could this have something to do with the gt1030 being all that new?

    I would stay away from them cheap atom boxes. These are the so called "cherry trail" intel cpu's, and have given me a fair amount of headache. These are often shipped with 32bit uefi firmware. So altough the cpu has nice specs and has native 64bit support, because of the 32bit uefi, you will never likely to be able to boot 64bit LE , or other software. There are various attempts made, but nothing really ever was there to stay. I got rid of all 32bit uefi hardware; in the end wasnt worth the misery. These boxes normally run 32bit windows (10).

    Hurray! Got me a "working" gt1030 setup, with the LE "extended" beta version. Needed to force the nvidia driver as mentioned before, system boot time is also as mentioned pretty long, but the system runs. Even gpu temps are shown. "normal" h.264 live tv playback is fine. no hevc hardware decoding.

    For those like me, who just tought the 1030 card would work out of the blue, and to find out it doesnt, this solution is enough to bridge to gap until stable LE builds with stable nvidia drivers are released.

    And yes i know, i should have read and search the forum first before buying the gt1030 ;)

    I am unable to find the LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-8.0-devel-20170216 build; i just got the gt1030 in now am unable to use it. Where would one download this beta release? Seems LE has no archive to browse through. Can anyone help me get this build?


    If you had configured the box with network and enabled ssh before upgrading to 8.0.2, then you should try ssh to the box. There was an issue when going from OE6 or LE7 to LE8 where the display goes blank, basically Kodi 17 hangs.

    The solution for that was to ssh to the box and move .kodi to .kodi.old and reboot

    Thanks, going to give that a try.

    We will see. It the mean time i tried to flash 8.0.2 with .nocompat . My s802 box now wont boot anymore. It shows the bootlogo and after that the hdmi port wont output any signal. Now i have to reinvent how to unbrick the box; it was a long time ago when i did it (from android to LE). Seems i needed some amlogic bootfiles on usb/sd along with a zip file.... Maybe when i get the time to do this i can write it down and make a thread for it, so that others can read it, somekind of "first flash / unbrick" tutorial.... Or does this also already exist and i'm really that ignorant :)

    Thats why in every forum i have been there is always a search button.

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    This is true, unfortunately searching forum with it's built in engine is hardly an option, because of the terrible search engine of forum software. When a forum is opened to google and one can use googles engine , there is some relief. But for forums that are closed to google, this becomes unworkable.

    I wont bother keep helping users that stubbornly don't read the solutions on this thread.
    Community is to read understand execute we don't offer a free support service here.

    That's not a really nice reply. This thread now holds 50+ pages; the s905 thread more then 200 pages! You can't expect one to spend three days reading an entire thread in search for a solution. When searching threads, often the answer isnt found simply because the topic isnt spelled or formulated correctly. And lots of people have daytime responsibilities and simply dont have the time to go through hunderds of forum pages.

    Maybe it's a good idea to open a new thread for each release, and in the first post list the problems users encounter (brief) accompanied with the solution. This would make the forum much more professional looking and user friendly. Now everyting is "thrown" in one big thread, making it impossible to create any sort of structure and therefore people constantly asking the same questions over and over again.

    For example: it took a VERY long time before the missing framedriver issue with s912 soc's was explained in a decent way . Now it finally got it's own thread. Even when the alpha s912 firmware was release, there still wasnt any explanation and people where thinking the framebuffer driver was found. Only after some time it was added to the first post that this wasnt the case and a brief explanation was added to this first post. Now finally things are clear for most users.

    It is not my goal to be judgemental or critical, but only to offer some "reflection" on how the forum is experienced for average users.

    I built grub-efi. Just extract this to /EFI/BOOT on LE installation media: MEGA
    Extract all files to /EFI/BOOT/ on install media.
    After install: copy grub-postinstall.cfg as grub.cfg and bootia32.efi to where /dev/sda1 is mounted, probably /flash/EFI/BOOT/ (you can boot LE live and ctrl-alt-f3 to do this) After this LE will be able to boot from HDD. I only wasted time on this so that I have a way to boot the install media with my 1. gen Mac minis in the future:) These 1.Gen machines don't support legacy USB boot, only EFI USB BOOT.

    You're a genius. Don't know why i missed this post. Will be testing soon. Thanks again!

    It might not be called "overscan" directly. Just check the zoom options from your TV and play with them.

    Could you please tell me which exact TV model it is?

    This is true, some tv's have it as an option in the zoom modes "16:9 , 4:3 , true , wide etc", my panasonic has it as an option far away in a sub menu. There are also tv's that can only disable the overscan on specific inputs; older tv's with dvi input sometimes have extra settings to make. But i never encountered a tv which was unable to disable overscan. Normally there's always an option.
    I found this (crappy) video which shows how to enablen the service menu (at your own risk!):

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    There also seem to be software updates available for this tv (als at own risk!).