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    Hi guys,
    I hust updated to libreelec from openelec. In openelec I had rtorrent installed and working. Now, after updating to libreelec, rtorrent fails to start with the following message:
    ./rtorrent: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    I think this is related to the fact that rtorrent was built in openelec with a different version of libssl. Is there any way to fix this issue? Thanks!

    I've tried installing rTorrent from OE unofficial repo and it runs fine - is your addon/unofficial OE repo at version 7.0.1?

    Thank you for the very quick responce.

    I copied the tar over to the update folder via SSH and rebooted and I had the same results. Here is the log file after reboot.


    Thank you for the log. Can you please go to Kodi settings, turn off CEC, reboot and collect the log once again? Your TV seems to not support CEC and kernel log is cluttered with CEC error messages.

    In the meantime I will e-mail the box manufacturer with request for the driver. Let's hope they answer.

    I copied the tar over to the update folder via SSH and rebooted. I had no indication of a wireless signal iunder LibreElec/Connections menu. I reset LibreElec to defaults and rebooted going through the startup setup and again had no WiFi signal. I connected my wired line, connected and downloaded a log file for your review. Thank you for your continued efforts!


    Thank you for reporting. It's a bit hard to make the driver work when I have some third-party source with no guarantee that it works and no box to check it. From your log I can see that the driver has not been loaded correctly. I have changed the driver configuration a bit. Can you please try this build: LibreELEC-S805.m201d.arm-7.0-devel-20160521013322-r22955-gce3a3fa.tar

    OpenElecCrazy: I forgot about backslash and semicolon at the end of the line. The correct set of commands would be:

    1. mkdir -p ~/downloads
    2. mkdir -p ~/downloads/ssv
    3. mkdir /tmp/system
    4. mount /dev/system /tmp/system
    5. find /tmp/system -name ssv\* -exec cp {} ~/downloads/ssv/ \;
    6. umount /tmp/system

    Edit: I managed to find a firmware with ssv6051q drivers and I no longer need you to post these files. Please test this build - you need to boot from your existing SD card intall and upgrade using this file: LibreELEC-S805.m201d.arm-7.0-devel-20160520133017-r22954-gde0005c.tar

    I decided to release a 7.0.1-based build before fixing the "not being able to power on by remote" issue for V3_1 board. This bug is related to broken u-boot and not easy to fix without breaking features for other boxes, like CEC wakeup. The bug is also present after upgrading to cyx_MXQ_8189etv_8g1g_kodi_16.0_160419.

    Commits from to Comparing · kszaq/ · GitHub
    Kernel commits from to Comparing bd872fa628...9bf155dcbb · kszaq/linux · GitHub


    • LibreELEC 7.0.1
    • fixed m201 "costdown" board LED on resume
    • minor new CEC driver initialization fixes
    • reverted Amlogic changes in kernel wireless stack for better WiFi performance
    • added overlayfs support in kernel
    • included PLL fix for 4K TVs (thanks Sam Nazarko)
    • fixed a rare issue with repeated power button keypresses
    • using 4K block for SquashFS for minor system partition read performance bump

    Known issues:

    • V3_1 board cannot wake up from suspend/power off by pressing remote power button (u-boot bug)
    • 29.97 progressive videos may stutter
    • sometimes CEC may not work
    • power LED on not officially supported boxes may not work as intended (too many boards to support them with a single build)
    • no HD-Audio passthrough and multichannel audio output
    • DVB support is experimental, some USB DVB tuners don't work at all

    As I said, there's too little information from you to tell. "Tuners" is a very broad term and can be any hardware. Please follow the guide in builds theread, collect the logs and post them here. Then we'll be able to tell if anything can be done to make your tuners work.

    I have connected from my windows 10 via Natwork Browser and dropped it on the configfiles folder but remote still not working .

    What am I doning wrong ?

    Have you rebooted after copying the file?

    Hi, i am using the Beelink MXQ with and i just wanted to ask if the known issue "sometimes CEC may not work" means that CEC randomly turns on and off again. Which is currently my problem.


    If "factory" firmware uses standard Amlogic remote driver, it should also use remote.conf to setup. If you still have factory firmware on internal memory, you can extract any file from system partition in LE. Boot into LE, connect over SSH and run:

    1. mkdir -p /tmp/system
    2. mount /dev/system /tmp/system

    system partition content will be available in /tmp/system.

    To copy remote.conf to LE run:

    1. cp /tmp/system/etc/remote.conf /storage/.config/remote.conf

    To test the new remote.conf without rebooting run:

    1. /usr/lib/libreelec/remote-config

    libcec-daemon stops by itself.

    cec-client works when loaded by itself. It listens to my remote presses. No action is shown on-screen...but the terminal hears every remote press when I run cec-client in the manner you describe above. Here is a dmesg after booting and running cec-client.


    This means that CEC driver works well and there is a bug in libcec-daemon... not really my field of expertise. Unless there's some updated version of libcec-daemon available, I won't be able to make it work with your TV.

    Thank you!

    OpenElecCrazy: I need to get ssv6051-sw.bin and ssv6051-wifi.cfg from your Android firmware.

    You can extract them to Downloads samba share by booting to LE and executing the following commands:

    1. mkdir -p ~/downloads
    2. mkdir -p ~/downloads/ssv
    3. mkdir /tmp/system
    4. mount /dev/system /tmp/system
    5. find /tmp/system -name ssv\* -exec cp {} ~/downloads/ssv/
    6. umount /tmp/system

    Did you stop libcec-daemon or it stopped by itself? If the second, this seems like a bug in libcec-daemon. Can you test if cec-client works, of course with no libcec-daemon running in background and CEC off in Kodi?

    Yes, you can use the same skin.

    Yes, already installed addons should work the same (unless they do some OE-specific magic).

    There is no "unofficial addons" repo, other repos should work the same.

    No visible changes except there are no OE logos.

    Yes, on hardware side nothing changed: kernel and drivers are exactly the same.

    If you're running from SD card, you can create SD card backup of your SD card in Win32Imager to be on the safest side possible. For NAND, you can use TWRP for full backup.