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    Pihole doesn't run in docker very well. Some arguments need to be entered in the container creation step and webui settings changes are reset when it is restarted. Not to mention v4 flat out didn't work on some devices.

    We have released an adguard addon that works much better. I have personally switched over to adguard as well. It is a more polished product.

    You can install that instead, then go to libreelec's ip at port 3000 to do the install wizard (you don't have to change any of those settings) and then it will be available at port 80

    Just an update on the pihole docker addon situation.

    We still do not plan on updating the pihole docker addon due to the issues listed above.

    However, there is now a docker addon for adguard, which is just as good if not better.

    It runs in docker much nicer than pihole. All the settings are done via the gui.

    It is available in the linuxserver docker addon repo.

    Here's a blog article on adguard: AdGuard Home: First Thoughts

    They are spam posts that will be removed shortly

    It's a public forum, so it's not easy to completely stop spammers without preventing regular users from posting as well

    Owncloud and nextcloud have a lot of dependencies and are not well suited to run on a minimal distro without a package manager like libreelec.

    However, if you want to run nextcloud in docker, there is an addon for it in the linuxserver repo in libreelec

    Iridium - that seems so weird since he is not asking for support on the addons, or compatibility with those addons. Also really hard to enforce he can uninstall/disable and repost the the log and then re-enable/install them. At the very end there is no difference we did not change anything, just made it harder to interact with people.

    We can never rule out the possibility that one of those banned addons could be causing the issues as long as they are in there. A lot of those addons are very intrusive.

    If they temporarily uninstall those addons and post a log, we rule out that possibility.

    VPN might be advised for illegal content (which is not endorsed here), other than that there's really no reason to use it.

    I have to disagree. In the US, congress allowed ISPs to sell all user data for profit.

    I have my entire internet connection go through a vpn because I simply don't trust my ISP with my internet traffic data.

    My vpn provider on the other hand claims they keep no data or logs, and their claims have been tested in courts multiple times where they were subpoenaed to hand over data on specific users and the only data they had was that the said user was a paying subscriber, nothing else. Therefore I trust them.

    Images are read only. But you create a container from the image, which is rw, and ephemeral. Any changes you make are inside the container. Once you destroy the container, your changes are lost.

    You can copy your files out of there via "docker cp" before you destroy it

    Why don't you use the docker addon?

    LE on VMs already work as long as the gpu is passed through correctly.

    The problem is the virtual graphics drivers. Only the VMware virtual graphics driver is supported in the ova.

    But passthrough graphics work. I ran LE that way via kvm for years

    So, what is the suggested route now to install pi-hole: add-on or container?


    Addon is easier to set up, it still works, but is on an older version.

    Setting it up manually will get you the latest version, but may not work on some arm boxes out of the box and require some manual steps to fix it.

    I would suggest trying the manual method first and if you have issues, use the addon.

    Please don't take my question as criticism, thank you for the hard work.

    I am fine with getting it manually, (mind you, I did that and it seemed to grab the latest version and it works fine)

    Not at all. I just wanted to clarify that it was a deliberate decision to hold it back, and that we didn't abandon it ;)

    I didn't update the addon version for a couple of reasons.

    1. The latest version image simply didn't work on a lot of arm boxes.

    2. They changed how a lot of the settings are input, leading to any web gui settings changes reverting back every time the container is restarted

    They contracted Baylibre to develop mainline Linux support which was topic of Linuxcon 2017/2018.

    I'm not sure if everything needed on the video side is already done.

    Afaik, libreelec is working closely with baylibre on that, but it is an ongoing effort. There are development builds for various arm devices including s905x with mainline kernel. Just not ready for primetime yet