Posts by aptalca repo is now in the libreelec repo. Once you install from there, then you can install the docker addons including plex media server from the linuxserver repo

    In qemu, you can load gpu bios from file by adding the info into the config xml.

    If ctrl alt f3 didn't work, but you know the ip, you can always ssh in. Enable ssh in the libreelec settings addon first.

    If you are passing through a gpu, you need the generic version. The virtual build is for a setup without a physical dedicated gpu, for testing and development purposes.

    My main htpc is essentially a kvm/qemu vm with an amd 6450 passed through. It ran LE 7.0.2 (generic) for many months and now it is running the latest betas (generic)

    Turkey is now in the same timezone as the middle east instead of eastern Europe. Yay!

    By the way, the most bizarre part of it is that they didn't change timezones (technically). Instead, they decided to be on daylight savings time all year round.

    But they told people they were getting rid of daylight savings. Confusing as hell and people didn't know what time it was when the change happened. All electronic devices including cell phones were wrong.

    Hi guys,

    Just installed sonarr in docker on an x86 libreelec install on a chromebox.

    Here's the service file contents:

    Save this file on the sd card with the file name sonarr.service in any folder (ie downloads through samba or /storage/downloads through ssh)
    then ssh into le, and type the following:

    systemctl enable /storage/downloads/sonarr.service

    after that you can either reboot or start it manually with systemctl start sonarr

    in a web browser, navigate to ipaddress:8989 and voila

    on arm like raspberry pi, just change the one line in the service file from "linuxserver/sonarr" to "lsioarmhf/sonarr"

    PS. The first time you run this, it may take a few minutes (especially on the pi) because it will need to download the images from docker and uncompress them before the container runs

    I'm currently working on more containers. Some are more involved though so it may be worth it for you to wait till I have them on docker hub

    Hi Irusak,

    I created a bunch of docker containers for nas (unraid, synology, etc.).
    aptalca / Repositories · GitHub
    I wasn't aware that le has docker support. Could you point me to some documentation or any other info so I can start porting some of my containers?


    Really? I did that many times in the past.

    I had loaner flash drives with oe on them, set up with mysql.

    When we had guests, I would just hand them a usb stick they could boot from, and they could access all the media on their laptops

    Speaking of booting from portable, does le change the system time to utc like oe did in the past? It was super annoying to temporarily use on a Windows computer because win expected the system time to be the local time.

    I used to give oe flash drives set up with mysql to visitors so they could watch my movies on their laptops but they would always complain about the time getting messed up

    I upgraded from oe to le as well, had the same issue. Just go into the le settings addon and tick the box wait for network.

    The problem is, that option is off by default and kodi may start before the network is up and can't reach the mysql server

    Nothing to do with tapatalk, it's Microsoft being stupid with our registration emails. We've deployed all the correct stuff (SPF, DKIM, DMARC) to ensure that our email is not seen as spam and it is handled normally by all the other services. However for some reason MS considers it bad and messages are silently discarded on their side (we deliver it successfully to them). Sadly the MS help portals are deliberately vague to avoid assisting spammers and are thus not helpful. I have a professional background architecting huge-scale email infrastructures, and honestly, I can't fathom out why they are blocking us.

    As far as I know, for ms, new domains or ip addresses start out with a poor reputation and you have to build it. With Google and yahoo, they start out with a decent one.

    Therefore it's pretty common for emails from new domains or ip addresses to get marked as spam by Microsoft at first. You have to click on "not spam" in Hotmail or outlook a few times before they start going into the inbox.

    I experienced that multiple times with Microsoft and it's really annoying.

    Edit: I keep a few Hotmail and Outlook accounts active just for this purpose. Whenever I set up emails with a new domain or ip, I send a bunch of emails to those accounts and hit "not spam" until they start going into the inbox.