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    Check the fantastic works of DTECH or you need to compile/install the add-ons yourself.

    There're no official updates anymore so we need to be creative.


    i guess kodi 18.9 for Minix X8 is possible but we need to stay to with LE9 which was the latest supported LE version for our amlogic box.

    i have to admit that i'm using now an apple tv box and it does wat i need.

    when you boot with the reset switch pressed, it will not go to the Android recovery process.

    In fact you won't notice anything except that your box will boot "LibreElec" in place of Android.

    i guess there's something wrong with the method you follow.

    Be sure to burn the image with the LibreElec usb SD creator, press the reset switch a few seconds and release it.

    edit : i will my images to kodi 18.9, it's the final leia version if i'm not wrong.

    Hi, after installing libreelec and running the kodi ... when I start the movie it runs smoothly .... but after trying to jump or stop it freezes. Any advice? I tried versions 18.3 and 18.6..the same problem. I tried using the ares wizard to change the cache did not help


    you need to play with the "whitelist" and activate the "adjust refresh".

    Google is your friend to find how to set it up

    the Minix boots with a 3TB storage already connected to the usb port or you boot the Minix and then you attach the 3 TB storage?

    Hi, I have a Minix NEO X8H. I tried to connect it to the pc via cable and upgrade to Lollipop ..... the device did not connect at all ... so I decided to try Libreelec and found a procedure on this forum how to do it using an sd card ... let me try what I'm trying to not boot at all ..... the only time I got a little further was an attempt to boot from sd with the version of Krypton but it still turned out like this ... Can anyone please advise me?

    There's no Lollipop image for the X8-H. Lollipop image is only for the X8H-PLUS.

    It's the first time i see that kind of logging.

    If booting from SD is successful, you will have messages about formatting the SD.

    boot the minix while holding reset switch for 5 -6 sec (the bootloader will be patched) =

    "Turn off your Minix X8-H completely and insert the SD card in the side slot.

    Then with a paperclip press the little reset button on the back of your device and keep it pressed while turning on the device. When you see the Minix logo appear, release the paperclip from the reset button and wait."

    Patching the bootloader is bit tricky.

    I have a Minix X8H and followed instructions on the first post of the thread to install libreelec. I used the 18.6 image in the downloads section. However during the startup, the minix freezes in the screen which show minix logo. Waited close to 15 minutes and nothing changes. Is this image stable? And are the instructions given in the first page still up to date?

    Did you patch the minix bootloader?

    if successful, it will boot from the SD card.

    how to patch the minix bootloader :

    • burn the GZ img to a SD (using LibreElec-usb-sd creator)
    • browse the SD and rename "boot_autoscript" to "boot.scr"
    • insert the SD in the minix
    • boot the minix while holding reset switch for 5 -6 sec (the bootloader will be patched)
    • let Libreelec boots

    behavior of my set (with CEC enabled):

    Remote box power-off => TV shut down

    If i power up the TV and select the box input => the box will start up

    i never use the remote power-on of the box or power-on button of the box .

    by the way , my box has been reflashed with the custom firmware (see #1).

    and you're right , the light works contrary but ... it's not critical... annoying but not critical