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    try this and it will work :

    change 9.0.2 by 9.0 in the url

    eg :…ek_Play/arm/addons.xml.gz =>

    meanwhile new images with kodi18.5 are on the way.

    status :

    • it builds
    • kodi18.5 not fully tested but seems ok
    • netflix tested ok
    • addons repo url revert to 9.0

    to do :

    • try to update and build addons
    • try to build dvb addons (crazycat, etc)


    Minix and old Wetek_play|Wetek_Core use the same linux version.

    This is why i use the LibreELEC Add-ons - Team LibreELEC so i don't have to compile them.

    Now that the support for the old Amlogic device has been removed , it is possible that we are stuck with addon version 9.0.0 or 9.0.1

    For me it is different. Using also Darth's Lollipop image. I don't have fix IP but MAC address don't change anymore and could reserve IP on the router.

    So this is okay for me.

    Never got any fixed IP from any of the kodi 18 images.

    in my case, i got X8-H also running the mod Finless firmware.

    fix IP is ok but MAC Address changes

    trying to get something 100% functional from these chinese boxes is like the holy grail quest ^^

    I hate to break the news but either way still reverts back to DHCP after a reboot... Got the "x8h plus with "X8H_PLUS_LOLLIPOP_RC2_NEWBOOT.img"(true shutdown) and I even tried a fresh install 18.2 from SD with the dtb.img replaced from 18.0(final) and still goes back to DHCP after reboot/shutdown. Lets wait to see for more feedback as I might have an "Odd Box". When I ran Kodi 17.6, the first image listed = one that booted and worked if that helps.

    if you dare , you may also try the dtb from the kodi 17.6 image.

    use a spare SD 'cause it may not boot at all.

    yep meson8m2_n200_2G_old.dtb = dtb.img .... so this behaviour comes from something else than just a change in the dtb file.


    At X8HP = As I recall, in the Kodi 18 Final version I set the IP address manually on the LAN in the libreelec settings and this version 18 kept the IP address but changed the MAC address after restart or shutdown.

    And as I wrote in version 18.2, Wi-Fi keeps both IP and MAC and can be permanently reserved in the router.

    Versions 18.1 and 18.2 on LAN with DHCP do not hold IP or MAC and cannot be reserved on the router.

    I'll try to help with X8HP:)

    Next release ,i will revert to the kodi 18 image x8hp dtb's

    wrong feedbacks or i've misunderstand some, i've made a change which has broken the "fixed lan ip" .

    Fix: Lan utp static ip · datrh/[email protected] · GitHub

    meantime, x8hp users, if you want to be able to use a fixed LAN ip, replace the dtb.img on your SD (or in the gz/tar) by the kodi18 image one.

    it will not fix the "mac address behaviour"

    did you try the "refresh rate on " and a "white-list"?

    you need to run your device without these settings only with a really old TV.

    the "50hz" solution is only for old TV not supporting "refresh rate on" and a "whitelist"

    Ok replaced "dtb.img" from 18.2 with the one from 18.1, Packed it back in with 7zip and updated and still no cigar, fixed IP goes back to DHCP after a reboot. Am I replacing the right file as there is also a "meson8m2_n200_2G_old.dtb" .. ?

    yep meson8m2_n200_2G_old.dtb = dtb.img .... so this behaviour comes from something else than just a change in the dtb file.


    If fixed IP = "fixed" on 18.2, I am tempted to install to internal.

    i don't own a X8HP but a X8H.

    with the x8h the fixed ip is solved.

    about the x8hp , i need your return.

    if it was solved with the x8hp 18.1 img, you may replace the dtb in 18.2 tar or gz with the 18.1 one's and update your device.

    i guess it will do the trick.

    @lieuandy you are right about the X8h-Plus Kodi 18.2! The the fixed IP is not working with 18.2, so you are not the only one with this. MAC is random with me but who gives a hoot on that :-) So with 18.1 fixed IP was fine with reboot, shutdown etc.

    Sad news about the amlogic datrh ... Thought rockchip was the one to dissapear but guess not.

    this is weird want it doesn't seems that i've changed the dtb between 18.1 and 18.2.

    ok. I did a few tests. I can boot successfully from the SD only with if the SD card as the image as per post #1 (including the rename of the boot_autoscript to boot.scr). Deleting the s805 script makes the SD card unbootable and it gives me the error in mount_flash error at start up.

    If it can help my device is the X8H

    I was tempted to try to remove the aml script instead of the s805 but I m not so brave :)

    it's a early version of the balbes universal boot script modded to be able to boot from internal with a minix.

    if you boot it with a sd , it will try boot from the SD and gives an error if needed the "boot parts" are unavailable.

    if you want to use a SD as extra storage, you need to boot the device without a SD and insert the SD when the device has booted (or when you're in kodi). (no big deal imo)

    to be able to boot with a SD inserted without "boot part", the bootloader has to be reflashed with a new boot.scr tweaked for this purpose.