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    I’ve tried a few earlier versions of this build and now I’ve just tried the latest version

    But I always have the same issue, whenever I play any h264/h265 video files from usb playback is very jerky When I go back to kszaqs everything works fine again.

    Device is mecool m8s pro S912 3gb

    I ve been eyeing the Minix U9-H for some time now but its way more expensive than M8S Pro L. To be honest are there any real differences in these 2 boxes?

    I have the mecool m8s pro S912 3gb and can confirm it works perfectly with kzsaqs installed to internal. 4k h265 mkv play perfectly, WiFi, Bluetooth, passthrough audio also all working

    I’ve been running kszaqs builds on S912 since the early 8.0alpha releases and with every update it becomes better/faster/more stable, i know we still don’t have Mali drivers but after all the improvements that have been made how far away performance wise are we from where it would be if we had the proper drivers?

    Thanks again for all the hard work kszaq!

    Today I updated from kszaq’s to 8.90.8-K

    S912 mecool m8s pro.. I have installed to internal and normally use the sd card slot to play movies from but in this build it does not seem to recognise my sd card at all- was working fine on and up to

    Hi, I’ve recently purchased some active 3d glasses for my panasonic tv so i am now trying to get some content to play in 3d on my S912 device

    What formats does libreelec 8.2 support?

    Can I play 3d Blu-ray iso files?


    Thanks for the hard work! Upgraded to the newest build from kszaq build on S912 installed to internal.. everything seems to be working so far only thing I’ve noticed is abit of lag and not very smooth scrolling through the menus in kodi