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    Thanks for the addon update Shanemeagher! Running with the ini files now works great. I couldnt get the ini file to be used by default, but when modifying the post-processor command in TVH like shown below it worked fine.

    For you other folks trying to get this to work. Install the zip addon as normal, then in Tvheadend, inter the following in the post processor command line in the recordings tab:

    /storage/.kodi/addons/tools.comskip/bin/comskip.bin --ini=/storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/tools.comskip/ini/comskip.ini %f

    If you do some googling and want to use other ini files, just replace the existing ini file, or point to a different location of the ini in the command line above.

    I am on latest release of LE 8.2.1 with the standard Tvheadend server and client. Everything was working fine for about 6 months, but now when I go to record a program series, TVH will schedule EVERY program in the EPG for that network.

    Here is an example of the log when I just attempted to auto record the series "Mike & Molly". As you can see, it just scheduled everything on the network instantly (Had to truncate for post size, but you get the idea). Any ideas?

    The person who wrote the addon, shanemeagher, compiled it for the pi3 as a favor/request. I do not think he owned or used a pi3 so there was no debuging. My understanding is that ini files simply dont work, and the only alternative is to switch to using one of the TVheadend nightly builds that has it built in and working.

    Hi Apollo, hur did you get rid off the error "Segmentation fault (core dumped)(49.00 fps), 1.00 sec(49.00 fps), 0%"


    You have to just use comskip without an ini file, so your post processor command would simply look like this:

    /storage/.kodi/addons/tools.comskip/bin/comskip %f

    If anyone figures out a way to get ini files working with this that would be awesome.

    Update- scratch that, I think the issue is on my end. Dealing with bad DB and now a bad SD card.

    Here is the relevant portion of the log. It looks like the missing dependency is script.module.xbmcswift2


    First - Thanks for continuing to work on this, the new addon sounds very promising.

    When attempting to install the zip file I am getting a "failed to install a dependency" error. Running a pi3 on LE 8.1.2, Any ideas?

    Quick update - I have been using the compiled zip on my pi 3 for a few weeks now. Comskip works very well, even without pointing to an ini file. I would recommend it to anyone wanting kodi to auto skip commercials in their pvr recordings.

    Here is the output when I run manually:

    LibreELEC:~/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/tools.comskip # /storage/.kodi/addons/tools.comskip/bin/comskip --ini=/storage/.kodi/userdata/addons_data/tool
    s.comskip/comskip.ini /var/media/E/TVrecordings/Jeopardy!/Jeopardy!-E3734-11.1-KAREDT2017-05-09.ts
    Comskip 0.81.089, made using ffmpeg
    Donator build
    The commandline used was:
    /storage/.kodi/addons/tools.comskip/bin/comskip --ini=/storage/.kodi/userdata/addons_data/tools.comskip/comskip.ini /var/media/E/TVrecordings/Jeopardy!/Jeopardy!-E3734-11.1-KAREDT2017-05-09.ts

    Setting ini file to /storage/.kodi/userdata/addons_data/tools.comskip/comskip.ini as per commandline
    Using comskip.ini for initiation values.
    Segmentation fault (core dumped)(49.00 fps), 1.00 sec(49.00 fps), 0%

    When I add the ini location to the tvheadend post-processing script, it pulls the ini file and reads it ok, but then does not process further. I did an ssh into the system to run it manually and see what happens, and after reading file, the last output line is "segmentation fault (core dump)". I tried running again with a few different ini files, same result.

    Googling around a bit I came accross this regarding non-admin users:
    Comskip Support Forum • View topic - Comskip does a coredump when non-admin users an ini file

    Not sure if that applies here. I also saw that the Openelec version of this addon has the ini file baked in. Not sure if that would help or prevent segmentation fault in thise instance.

    OpenELEC Mediacenter - OpenELEC Forum - Comskip for OpenELEC (skip TV commercials) (1/3)

    Alright, so the zip file installed just fine.

    For anyone reading this and wanting to get it to run, I had to first change my tvheadend interface level to "Expert" and uncheck "Replace whitespace in title with '-':" to get the addon to run.

    One last issue, and that is the log is saying that I do not have a comskip.ini file I placed one in /.kodi/addons/tools.comskip/ and /.kodi/userdata/addon_data/tools.comskip but it seems like it still is not finding it.

    Do I need to put the comskip.ini file in a specific location?

    Thanks again for compiling and all your great work with this addon shanemeagher!

    Hi Apollos, the instructions in the README file for placing it in '/packages/addons/' is for compiling the addon. It needs to be compiled from source for each architecture (x86_64, ARM, etc). You can try yourself by following instructions here: Compile - LibreELEC or if I get some free time this week, I'll make one.

    Thanks for the quick response, makes sense now. Those compile instructions are a bit over my head. I will wait for you or someone else to compile for pi 3 in spare time.

    gr00vy69, I've previously built an Comskip addon (GitHub - shanemeagher/tools.comskip: Comskip packaged as addon for LibreELEC). It just provides the comskip binary which can be called with a TVHeadend Post Recording Script. I've an x86_64 build here: kodi-repo/x86_64 at master · shanemeagher/kodi-repo · GitHub.

    Hey shanemeagher -

    Thank you for writting the comskip addon. I am a bit of a noob, wondering if you can calrify a bit on how to get this working.

    I am on a raspberry pi 3 with LibreELEC 8.0.1. I see from your github that the contents of the tools.comskip director must be placed in /packages/addons/ but I am not seeing that location on my pi. Also, what do I do after I place the files in the correct location? I tried to install the addon from the zip file but that did not work. Any noob friendly instructions would be very appreciated! I imagine this could become a very popular addon with all the PVR folks.