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    I'm trying to run a bash script from a custom buttom in Kodi (Estuary mod)

    The script called "" is located in "/Storage", and runs fine from ssh command line.

    I called the script using System.Exec("") command in this way:


    When I run the button nothing happens.

    In the log does not write anything

    Any idea why doesn't work?

    Thanks in advance.

    As the message states, as well as the post before that: it is a test version with just a fix for faster channel switching...for you to test if it works properly. If you test it, your feedback will help to decide if the fix can be included in the regular builds.

    Thank you,

    I would like to test these builds but I have a lot of addons and settings made. How can I back up them and restore in this build? Sorry for the offtopic and nob question.

    This build has all feature from parent(kszaq) 8.0.1b, also HDMI-CEC support.
    Update in #1.
    I only compiled new version under parent kszaq's version as I have a bike camp in Croatia this week.

    Updated to 8.0.1i without problems. Thanks again for your work.

    Can I disable some HDMI-CEC options? It's OK to manage the options with the cursors but when I power off the KIII Pro the TV is off to and I don't want to do this. In Android is posible to disable this feature in HDMI-CEC options.

    My cables are seperate, one going to a dvb-t aerial and the other to a satellite

    The unauthorized message is coming from your TVHeadend client addon in Kodi trying to access your TVHeadend server (they are two seperate programs). You need to create a user and password for the client in TVH Server and add that username and password in the TVH Client settings.

    Thank you very much.

    Do you know what kind of user I need to create? Is enough with the user that is created with the initial wizard with these rights?

    BTW, I've followed this Youtube tutorial (using LE repositories) to setup the TVHeadend and there is not reference to configure user/password. Is there this configuration in any file?

    Just want to add that I am using both the DVB-T and DVB-S interfaces on the KIII with this build and both are working perfectly.

    My DVB-S interface is set to Universal LNB Only, not a switch. That shouldn't matter but I thought I should mention it.

    Thank you.

    Your antenna is like mine (neighborhood community) multiplexed with DVB-T and DVB-S in the same cable or individual?

    I think the key is in the Unauthorized access message in the TVheadend log

    Anyone knows what can I do to solve it?

    Tvheadend version and config are same for all my builds KI Plus(S905), KII Pro(S905) and KIII Pro(S912).
    Are You able configure DVB-S in Android?
    Do You understand what is DiseqC switch?
    Is you Astra LNB really connected to AB input (on DiseqC is it 2. input)?
    Have you ever tried DVB-T?

    Thank you.

    1. Yes, DVB-S in Android works flawless.
    2-3. I've seen in Wikipedia what is DISEQ :s I didn't know what is. I've tried to disable then DISEQ switches with the same result.
    I have a community antenna with DVB-T and DVB-S multiplexed in the same cable. Some like this.

    4. Yes, I made a setting with TVHeadend with DVB-T USB dongle in other s905 based TV Box. It was so easy.

    Sorry for the newbie questions

    Edit: I made a setting with DVB-T, not with DVB-S
    This is the TVHeadend log

    You have a wrong 4 port switch config. At first rename your "DVB-S Network" to "Astra 19.2E" and assign it to single switch position corresponding to switch input for Astra LNB (e.g. AB) and clear all other positions. Then go to "Network" tab select "Astra 19.2E" and push Force scan. For more details watch carefully Youtube tutorials.

    Thank you again afl1,

    I configured another setup with DVB-T in a s905 TV Box without problems.

    I've being watching the Youtube tutorials but the TV Headends versions are older, so the settings are differents.

    I've tried your configuration. If I've understood well this is what you recommend

    Unfortunately it does not work either

    In the status tab I see that SNR and Signal Strength is Unknown

    Is this normal?

    Anyone has working a DVB-S setting with this release?

    Thanks afl1

    I'm trying to setup TVHeadend with the LE repository version.

    The DVB-card is recognized without problem. The problem is to detect the muxes and services. This is my configuration for the Astra 19.2E

    The only detected mux is this

    with this configuration.

    I know that is more a question about TVheadend that about this release, and sorry for this, but I'll appreciate any help. I really need the DVB-S works. Otherwise, I'll must play only with Android. :s