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    Hello jernej

    I installed this image "LibreELEC-H3.arm-10.0-nightly-20210301-73c0ce6-orangepi-pc-plus.img" on my Orange pi PC plus, installation work well but when I try to put image on emmc with the script install2emmc I have this erreor :

    h3p:~ # install2emmc

    U-Boot not found. Please update current installation with board specific update or image first.

    It's a fresh install. Is it normal ? Do I need to install image on EMMC via OTG port ?

    jernej Another subject, my Pine H64 continue to freeze on a regular basis. As soon as it is idle for some hours, it freeze. No message in log, that's weird. I installed armbian on it and I ran a lot of stress test witout issue so it's not an hardware issue. I don't know what's the problem...

    Freeze = "Gui appear on tv screen but unable to interract with it and I'm unable to connect via SSH"


    Unable to connect via SSH and the UI appear on my tv but I am unable to navigate in the UI... It's what I mean by frozen. To correct the situation I disconnect and reconnect my Pine H64.

    Once I reconnect my H64, I see the Libreelec splash screen and after that I have a black screen. I "power off and power On" my AVR and tadam the kodi UI appear.

    Just in case that you can see something, there is my log :

    hi jernej

    Quick question for you, each morning my Pine H64 is frozen and I have to reboot it to be able to use it again (even via ssh it's frozen). So, I am able to use it all day long but after a long period without using it, it frreeze.

    I see an image on my tv but nothing else. Do you have an Idea why this append ? There is a log that I can provide you ? I don't know if log is always available after a reboot...

    I run the last nightlies image, the only modifications I did is changing the interface for Confluence and adding add-on EmbyCon.

    Thank you !


    Finally, I successfully play a 4K HDR Atmos in the definition 2160p at 30hz with my Orange pi Lite 2 (The first time, I burned the worng image, my bad )

    It's a real pain using Lite 2 compare to the Pine H64 !! It doesn't stop rebooting each time I use a little bit too much ressources... And I must reboot it between two test else it freeze.

    But anyway, is' not the subject of this thread.

    In 2160p 30Hz

    Atmos -> Ok

    DTS HD MA -> Ok

    DTS:X -> Ok

    I stopped there, other sound formats are not a real challenge...

    But with little sound cutoff...

    caracolo I try to test your use case with my Orange pi Lite 2 (H6) but sadly nothing work well on that little thing...

    - No Ethernet port

    - Only usb2 work (no usb3)

    - try to put a usb hub with the dongle for the remote and an ethernet USB adapter but I can start only 1080p content... Ehternet adapater no enough fast I think.

    So, sorry I can help you... But I can confirm that passthrough work in 4K 30hz with my Pine H64.

    jernej Overall the result is really good !! From far, I prefer that situation to no PT.

    For the moment all others sound formats seem to work really well with the adjust refresh rate except these two formats (DTS:X and Atmos). That's really good !

    jernej I don't test in 1080p for the moment but what I did is to set Kodi GUI in 2160p, set it at 60Hz and adjust display refresh rate switch set to off. With these settings no more cutoff but the movie play at 60hx instead of 24hz. As soon I enable adjust display refrsh rate to "Always" or "On start/stop" cutoffs are back,

    Hello jernej !

    Just for your information, I hear small cutoffs in sound with TrueHD Atmos. I changed the System setting "Audio->output configuration" to "Best match" instead of "Optimized", that help but I still hear sound cutoffs.

    I continu my tests, for the moment I don't hear cutoff with other sound format.

    Edit :

    I hear soud cutoffs with DTS:X too

    Hi jernej !

    Picture quality is good but all 4K HDR are RGB 8bit, is there a way to force YCbCr 10 bit (4:2:2 or 4:4:4) ?

    It's amazing how much progression there has been since I first tested Libreelec on my Pine H64.

    I see some mosaic in the image sometime but overall it's amazing.

    I give you more feedback after the week-end.

    Hello jernej ,

    I did some tests with the image (image that include fix for HDMI) you generated today and PT work super well !!

    AC3 : OK

    DD+ : OK

    DD+ Atmos : OK

    TrueHD : OK

    TrueHD Atmos : OK

    DTS : OK

    DTS HD-MA : OK

    DTS:X : OK

    I will continue my test and I gonna give you more feedback.

    jernej I removed dust from my Pine H64 ver. B nad I tested the fix you did for HDMI bug. I confirm that now I am able to boot my Pine H64 when it's plug to my AVR. That was not the case before.

    A lot of movie 4K HDR work really well, some demos are laggy but overall everything is really fine.

    Is it possible to merge that fix with the test image for audio passthrough ? I am really curious to test the audio passthrough. If it's not possible I will wait.

    Thank you for all !

    Hi !

    Is somebody can confirm that the Pine H64 output sound only on the left speaker ?I did a test to ensure that the problem do not come from my setup, I pluged my rock64 exactly with the same cable and the sound is perfect. As soon as I plug the Pine h64 the sound come from the left speaker only.

    Thank you !