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    its possible your issue is hdmi related. try to use a different hdmi cable first. or are you doing something on the power sockets during the issue? hdmi is quite sensitive on power changes.

    Whats the story with deinterlacing ?

    The only problem I have encountered so far is that Youtube still will not load and looking at the Kodi log its a problem with the python call. I have deinstalled the plugin and the user data and reinstalled a few different versions - but it always crashes with the same python fail. Is it possible to rebuild the python system or clear any cached python settings.


    youtube working for me on 8.90.0

    i'm not sure if it would work but you can try using the sleep command via


    #delay 30 seconds

    sleep 30

    installtointernal have been removed on the latest 8.90.x builds that is why your box doesn't boot. the good news is, it's now back on the Coreelec devel builds. you may need to do installtointernal again after booting from sd card then possibly setup as new.

    If you want to install stable Kodi then you can use latest or if you want Kodi Leia then use the Coreelec devel version.

    I need a little more details for both replies.

    1- frequenzy: How can you restore to default settings? I see nothing in the LibreELEC menus for that.

    2- chewitt: If I boot into android and use a file explorer and delete /storage/.kodi and reboot to LibreELEC, that would be a new clean LibreELEC install?

    Just go to settings - libreelec - system - there will be an option to restore to default.

    Are there any current builds available that can be installed on 8G/1G devices? I currently

    have one box that I installed an old build on but recently purchased a second and would

    like to install the newest version if possible. I'm not interested in running dual-boot as

    I have no need to ever run android. Thanks in avdance.

    should not be a problem, i have two 8G/1G that runs without issues on the internal.

    there seems to be a problem on the netflix addon. check the issues on the github.