How to connect to Windows 10 from Librelec

  • pls update to 8.1/2

    due the latest samba updates (samba is the windows network sharing) 8.0.x can't handle newer samba versions that are allowed at Win10

  • How can I connect and share files to the Windows 10 PC in my network

    Do I get that right?

    You want to share additional folders from LE to Windows? Or are you asking how you might be able to access the LE shares while using a Windows machine?

  • Where is the download for 8.1.2? The download page only offers 8.0.2. What I want to do is this.. On my Windows PC (which is in another room), there is a website that can play live NFL football. I would like to be able to take these football games on my Windows PC and play them on my LE/KODI box in the other room.

  • After your 8.1.1 update, access is worse. Under 8.0.2, my WORKGROUP file was accessible to the folders on my Windows desktop folder.

    When I try to open my WORKGROUP desktop folder under 8.1.1, I get the error 'Operation not permitted'.

  • pls read what is written under


    at the article.

    Due the global disabling (huge security risk) of the very very old Samba 1 protocol at Windows 8/10 some changes were necessary. Just to be clear, this won't be changed back to old behaviour in future LE versions!