Deinterlacing S905/S905X

  • What are the chances of improved deinterlacing on the S905/S905X boxes in future?

    Is it currently the best it will be?

    That is the only thing stopping me from using these boxes as my primary living room device is the deinterlacing not being as good as Intel motion adaptive/compensated deinterlacing for Live TV.

  • Deinterlacing on the AMLogic S8xx and S9xx Chipsets uses high quality Advanced Motion Adaptive Edge Enhancing hardware deinterlacing.

    Its always been very good and from personal experience, the quality is indistinguishable from my 2 year old 4K TV.

    I use a S905(x) as my primary Kodi PVR TV viewing device. It's great for sports action.

    No one needs to do any time consuming detailed Kernel work to improve deinterlacing. That would be AMLogic's job anyway.

    What you are likely seeing is SD TV 480/576 > 1080 high quality Software upscaling being better on Intel - and that will not be improving with AML because it does not have the CPU ponies to crunch the data that demanding Software upscalers need.

  • Can confirm. Deinterlacer works great. Never seen an interlace effect on my 42' Full HD TV. Viewing distance 4 meters. Watch daily about 3 hours. Use Libreelec since about 5 months. The main usage case is watching SD Live TV from TVHeadend.

  • Thanks for the response.

    I'll have another look at my config and see if I've not quite got it setup 100%.

    There just seems to be an amount of flicker, more noticeable on straight lines and onscreen graphics that isn't there with my HP Chromebox (Intel Celeron 2955U).

    I totally understand the scaling won't be as high quality.

    Maybe I've been spoilt with the quality of the Chromebox output.