Fast seek, large file size 2gb+ on Samba network

  • Hi,

    Noticed a pecularity, when I fast seek (jump between different time periods in a show or movie) that are of large size, I encounter a basically stall.

    My network is, NAS(libreelec)->Switch(DD-WRT,10/100)->Router(1Gb)->wireless->shield / mi box / pc / etc

    Now, on old network the NAS bypassed the switch had a hardline to router, though with this new setup it's through a Switch. The video is h264, 1080p. Also the NAS was running a standard ubuntu distro for Hardkernel, I've swapped that for Libreelec. Other than that no real difference. File sizes have gotten bigger 2gb vs 4gb. Network congestion is low, running mostly defaults, choose wireless network with least traffic.

    When I fast seek in VLC on Windows 8.1 laptop the jump happens instanteously or thereabouts, whereas with Mi Box (SPMC, Kodi) and Shield TV (SPMC), it stalls, very poorly. Now the default settings on Samba seem good enough, and I followed there pointer pattern. When I fast seek with VLC on phone it's slow. Should I tinker with advanced settings, is the standard builds of Kodi looking for key frames that ought to be skipped, to better enable fast seeking?

    Open to ideas / thoughts. Thank you!

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    LE is not a NAS distro and you don't appear to be using LE clients. And you're expecting things to be the same after inserting a 100-BaseT switch between server and wireless connected clients and playing media that's twice the size as before (albeit still not that large). TL/DR; I'm not convinced this is an "LE" use-case that we'd have any responsibility to support. Use FreeNAS or unRAID.

  • So, I removed the switch, and functionally the limiting factor is the NIC on the Odroid C2 not the Switch (wrt54gsv5, ddwrt, 10/100). Still I'm encountering some issues namely, fast seek with Shield on SPMC and mi Box SPMC.

    Also, something new with auto update on Libreelec 8.1.0 -> 8.1.1 Samba functionally breaks, I read the release notes and I'm aware of SMB issues... But there just was no functional way to return to operation, so I reverted back to 8.1.0 and disabled auto update.

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    If you want to test in a VM first grab the OVA ^ and import to vmware Workstation/Fusion etc. - You need to set the number of CPU cores, RAM size, networking and expand the HDD to about 8GB before first time boot. After that it just works. No idea if it works in other VM apps, it's only used in the team for testing and we all have vmware stuff.

  • Perfect.

    I'm encountering these issues I believe too, but, my dmesg file is loaded with RTC errors rtc-pcf8563 for the real time clock... I know this user was pushing for it Official RTC Shield for Odroid C2

    LibreElec 8 loses sync with NTFS vol over USB

    1) Where is the Dmesg logged?

    2) Do you need other logs? If so where do they reside?

    3) Should I upgrade to latest libreelec branch, once I have samba sorted, and I've run chkdsk on the drives in question. They are both NTFS, Samba mounted drives...

    Sorry for the bunch for questions. Learning this as I go along...

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    Run "dmesg" or "journalctl -b 0 --no-pager" to show the system log .. errors from RTC are harmless and are probably due to the kernel trying to load it when it doesn't exist on other hardware - if it's an external board or something with HK boards (not sure, never seen one personally).

    Fix the template first and then update the 'NAS' box (C2?) so it's using the current beta release. Then use it. We have no interest in theoretical issues that you are concerned about or think might happen. We only care about issues that actually happen. Make sense?