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    Guys, my transmission Incomplete folder is getting filled every 5 days or so. Then I have to go there and manually delete everything.

    Any idea why is this happening? Is there a way I can move that to an external drive?

    Check your Transmission directories, you can allocate differently, on where to save... If you point to a network share drive, or mount a usb hard drive or usb thumbdrive as a samba share then you can save there instead. In future examine your log files, no wonder you're getting issues, you need to be mindful of the size of your overall drive to what you are downloading.

    25.3G	./.kodi/userdata 
    25.8G    .

    Is there a guide for setting up a VPN ? Can I specify a VPN only for certain ports or applications? Do I need to add any other repos, or is everything included in this repo? Please help my state is undergoing some heavy reforms and a VPN is the only safe avenue, lastly, is there a fail safe option so if VPN goes down, as do torrents.


    Trying to install this Megatools - command line client for I'm familiar enough with tar command. But I can't seem to do it, my process is, ssh in, cd in to the downloads folder, wget or curl the file, and still didn't work, tar just hangs. I have to Ctrl + C, to have prompt, I've tried everything, piping from wget or curl, I get tar magic error. I even buffered by piping to tac | tac, but that didn't do anything either.

    Any pointers? I know I could probably untar on another computer and push it, but why would tar not work?


    I'm encountering these issues I believe too, but, my dmesg file is loaded with RTC errors rtc-pcf8563 for the real time clock... I know this user was pushing for it Official RTC Shield for Odroid C2

    LibreElec 8 loses sync with NTFS vol over USB

    1) Where is the Dmesg logged?

    2) Do you need other logs? If so where do they reside?

    3) Should I upgrade to latest libreelec branch, once I have samba sorted, and I've run chkdsk on the drives in question. They are both NTFS, Samba mounted drives...

    Sorry for the bunch for questions. Learning this as I go along...

    So, I removed the switch, and functionally the limiting factor is the NIC on the Odroid C2 not the Switch (wrt54gsv5, ddwrt, 10/100). Still I'm encountering some issues namely, fast seek with Shield on SPMC and mi Box SPMC.

    Also, something new with auto update on Libreelec 8.1.0 -> 8.1.1 Samba functionally breaks, I read the release notes and I'm aware of SMB issues... But there just was no functional way to return to operation, so I reverted back to 8.1.0 and disabled auto update.


    Noticed a pecularity, when I fast seek (jump between different time periods in a show or movie) that are of large size, I encounter a basically stall.

    My network is, NAS(libreelec)->Switch(DD-WRT,10/100)->Router(1Gb)->wireless->shield / mi box / pc / etc

    Now, on old network the NAS bypassed the switch had a hardline to router, though with this new setup it's through a Switch. The video is h264, 1080p. Also the NAS was running a standard ubuntu distro for Hardkernel, I've swapped that for Libreelec. Other than that no real difference. File sizes have gotten bigger 2gb vs 4gb. Network congestion is low, running mostly defaults, choose wireless network with least traffic.

    When I fast seek in VLC on Windows 8.1 laptop the jump happens instanteously or thereabouts, whereas with Mi Box (SPMC, Kodi) and Shield TV (SPMC), it stalls, very poorly. Now the default settings on Samba seem good enough, and I followed there pointer pattern. When I fast seek with VLC on phone it's slow. Should I tinker with advanced settings, is the standard builds of Kodi looking for key frames that ought to be skipped, to better enable fast seeking?

    Open to ideas / thoughts. Thank you!


    For next build / update, can the iPad plugin be removed / or option provided on install [radio button] to install alternative of GitHub - JimmyLaurent/ru-mobile: Mobile plugin for ruTorrent (supports all moderns smartphones : IOS, Android, etc...) . The dependencies of the later are all in the rutorrent plugin folder, though it conflicts with the iPad plugin that is present there.

    Can the default time be lengthened for rutorrent config.php, encountered some timing out issues though I'm aware that tends to happen if the process is busy... see here: ruTorrent Timing Out?


    Question: Where is the rtorrent.rc file to be found? Can I modify it beyond the default parameters?

    Hi Neostylez,
    The scgi port is normally 5000 but I wouldn't use it. I think you are over complicating it by using the RPC guide as it for integrating directly with rtorrent. So long as you have rutorrent, you should also have the httprpc plugin. For the port, just identify which port your rutorrent website is on. You can find this by clicking configure on the rutorrent add-on. Default port is 6880

    I just tried configuring sonarr and it grabbed a show and added to rutorrent straight away.
    I run rutorrent on port 80. I just used host=localhost , port=80 , url path= plugins/httprpc/action.php
    You should be able to do the same, Probably just change port to 6880

    You're right! error between me and the keyboard, wasn't working on desktop tried on phone, it worked. go figure, must have been extra space.

    I leave this to a ruTorrent expert

    I don't use the RPC connections as I like what I get from blackhole/watch folders combined with the autotools plugin but because the httprpc plugin is included I think you just need to change your URL to plugins/httprpc/action.php and it should work.

    Thanks for the response. So I've tried tracing through netstat, and I suspect the port is 6955. There's a bunch of rpcbinds happening but from the PID of rtorrent (there's also a complex-main ??), and the sonarr interface described above does seem like it's trying to establish a handshake (prolonged waiting, circle lapsing...) . And I did try the URL variant you provided, RPC2 , also tried /storage/.kodi/addons/service.rutorrent/rutorrent/plugins/rpc/rpc.php .

    *hmm Blackhole, though I lose visibility in sonarr to progress...

    I'll spend some more time going through files, figure I'll use this as a guide RPC Setup XMLRPC · rakshasa/rtorrent Wiki · GitHub

    Made some progress where it says unknown exception rather than not able to connect... so.

    Thank you Thoradia!

    Been following the LibreElec for awhile ever since splint / fork from OpenElec. Just like SPMC and Kodi.

    My network is as follows, router, (router turned to twitch), mi box, odroid c2 and 2 WD HD serving as NAS. I have samba running on libreelec, had to configure the .config with customizations, adding pointers to NAS drives and removing pointers for local folders on libre. I've installed Deluge, Sonarr, Cherry, ruTorrent and rTorrent. Almost everything works...

    I've been digging through the forum here and online, looking for the scgi/port to map to for Sonarr <->ruTorrent/rTorrent, also trying various combos. Now I want to use Sonarr and r/ruTorrent combo, and Deluge for private trackers, I've managed to link Sonarr with Deluge. Everything works with the later, but for the life of me can't figure out how to get Sonarr and r/ruTorrent to handshake. 6880 is the default for ruTorrent I've tried static port, I've designated to Lib, localhost. 6880/6890 but nothing works.... any assistance in this matter?