TV remote suddenly not working

  • Since yesterday when switching to my RaspberryPi 3 connecting into HDMI port 2 (running 8.0.2), the TV no longer detects this as a device it can control.

    Sunday it was working without an issue. I update to 8.1.0 and it remains the same.

    I'm not really sure what I can do to resolve and what may have changed since Sunday, would libcec have been updated for any reason?

    The TV now also gets confused and switch to input 1 and name that Kodi (input 1 is a PIoneer bluray player). HMDI 2 is named VIDEOCORE (it always is, then it used to detect kodi and name itself to that).

    What can I attempt to resolve? We'll use an App, but the TV remote is so much easier :)

    I saw this thread Wake from suspend (CEC) but I dont think it applies to me, things have been working fine since 7

  • Don't think it's the same issue if it was working fine..I would start by resetting cec settings and restart with other tv connected devices unplugged..

  • lirc is already disabled.

    I think its some odd TV issue.

    I removed the Pioneer and used HDMI slot 1 for the Pi. Now it controls it fine. Might do a factory reset on the TV.

    Thanks for the suggestions :)