S905X in 8.0.2 : H264 23.976p frame skips

  • Hi guys,

    Frame skips in all 23.976p videos.

    Device type:





    Wetek Play 2

    How to reproduce:

    Frame rate switching is on (start/stop).

    Menu is on 1080p/60Hz.

    Audio is set to HDMI passthrough.


    Problem cease when change the menu setting from 60Hz to 24Hz (Only when I change. If system starts @24Hz frame skips persist)

    Support logs:
    (I sorry If it is too long, but I did not want to cut anything that could be helpful)


    I think I am facing same issue than postID 55871:

    I am sorry but I am not familiar with project and I do not how to track this issue to the actual fix, nor how to follow the fix to the official releases to verify if this is actually fixed on the official version that I am using or not, but I think it looks like the same thing.