Can't install any addons from libreelec repository.

  • I received an Odroid c2 today and I set it up with 8.0.2, installed the backup addon so I could restore my library and settings, but now I can't install any addons from the libreelec repository. If I try to install an addon nothing happens at all.


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    Odroid C2 - Libreelec 8.90.004 ALPHA

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  • Is your network up at booting? (See: 'Wait for network' option, set to 20-30 seconds?)

  • I set wait for network to 25 seconds and rebooted, it hasn't solved the problem.

    It's weird that I can install addons from the kodi repository but not the libreelec one.

    Odroid C2 - Libreelec 8.90.004 ALPHA