LibreELEC on Odroid-XU4

  • Don't know why this one took me so long to notice... but, I have the below linked remote. Other than play, rewind etc. Nothing else seems to works, like the home button is basically go to top of list. The what I guess we can calla right click menu button don't work.

    But these same "buttons" through the app Yhaste, work just fine.

    Edit: Stand corrected, stop doesn't work on remote either but play/pause, ff/rw are fine.

    Edit 2: Used yhaste to stop, now it, the app, doesn't seem to be able to send commands past me using it to stop playback since the remote failed.

    Edit 3: In lieu of typing out the full string, my current build is 20190507192006-e6e89ff

  • Also, I know I may not be the easiest person to work with, but I can still try to help and at least debug even if no one really wants to work with me directly.

    That being said, if I pissed anyone off, I am sorry.

    But I'd prefer if we could get past any ill feelings towards me since this is a for all type of project.

    Which btw, don't think I've had menu changes so damn smooth before,even on my Pi... so Bravo!

  • Without the yhaste remote fully working, I can't use the one button to get to the volume amplification thing. Can that be navigated to via menu ? I tried but it doesn't seem so.