Youtube slow to browse

  • Hey, I just installed the latest generic build (8.0.2) clean/fresh on an Asrock Ion 330

    Then only installed the Youtube 5.4.0 add on + reboot

    When browsing youtube the search takes 30 seconds, clicking a video takes 30 seconds

    But then once it plays it runs perfectly smooth

    Before going to LibreElec I used OpenElec on the same box

    Youtube was fast and responsive here

    Going through the setup and login, choose language and region doesn't help either

    Can somebody please help out to get this back to the speed that I'm used to


    Just did the same clean install with the latest openelec

    Now youtube works smooth

    But I want LibreElec because of LibreSpot :)

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  • Ok I just did something really naughty

    Installed LibreElec with LibreSpot

    Then "upgraded" to OpenElec with Youtube

    Now I'm on openElec with a smooth running LibreSpot and a smooth running Youtube :)

  • If you had bothered to include a kodi.log file at first, we might have seen something that would disrupted the browsing.

    But since you already changed to OpenELEC without waiting for replies, there is nothing left to do here.

    It's good to hear the ION box is running okay. Just have a little bit more patience with us next time.

  • I'm sandboxing on a spare HD so I can go any way that would help.

    Now back on LibreElec and youtube is slow again.

    Where can I find how to get that logfile please ?

  • Hi Everybody! First of all thank you guys, who are taking part in developing such great things as LibreELEC&Co.
    Unfortunately I have the same problem (Rapsberry Pi 3, Model B + LibreElec 8.0.2), everything works fine, except of Youtube-browsing/searching etc.

    Should I send a log-file, or have you found any solution to the problem of Camella? I think it is the same issue.

  • Thanks Camella. I also tried 8.1.1 beta now, but nothing changed. New Youtube-search takes at least 1 minute. If I choose an old search, takes about 30 sec. (If I choose a video from the match list, takes only 3-4 sec. till starting it. )

    Still waiting for the solution...

  • I'm so lost now.

    Around september Youtube was working well for me so I made a cloned HD as a backup (updates off)

    Youtube turned slow again so I plugged back the old HD, but it's also slow now.

    It only seems to work well on OpenElec 8.0.4 for me. Youtube browses fast and video's play in about 3 seconds.

    But that version of OpenElec has a problem to boot.

    Often it starts with a black screen even if xorg.conf is the same as LibreElec

    So I'm stuck with a youtube that needs about 20 seconds to start a video

    Searching is also quite slow..

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  • Random guess.. OE hasn't been updated since June so won't be using a current version of inputstream.adaptive. LE has a much newer version and the defaults may have changed from HLS to DASH. Go fiddle with YT settings and see swapping between them makes a difference.

  • I'm on LibreElec 8.2.0 now for 2 days and it's still running rather horrible.

    I did play with Cache, video quality and a few other thing without any luck

    The things in the maintenance tab also didn't matter

    Reinstalling the YouTube add-on also didn't help

    So far I just throw a new TAR file in the update folder

    When I get the chance I'll do a clean install of 8.2.0

  • Ok clean install of 8.20.generic on a new hardisk and YouTube is slow as hell.. About 20 seconds to start a video

    I did all the fiddeling that I can think of but nothing seems to improve it.

    My best guess was the max bandwith but setting that to 999999999 didn't help

    Youtube is fast if I repeat the same steps with a clean setup for OpenElec 8.0.4

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  • Honestly no idea what your issue(s) are. I have kids that watch YouTube stuff all the time and we live in a sleepy backwater of the internet with high ping times and low(er) bandwidth .. and IMHO things play fine. Provide a current debug log from a clean boot where you demonstrate the problem.