Problem with Hyperion

  • Hello, i have an Problem with my Odroid C2 and Hyperion. Hyperion generated jutter/lags with my HEVC movies.

    This Error comes after 20-40 Minutes.

    I have also tested with Boblight and Boblight have this error not.

    If i deactivate Hyperion, the movies play fine. If activated, i have the Error.

    Without debug, i have this in Kodi.log

    08:46:36.973 T:3421074336 NOTICE: CVideoPlayerAudio::Process - stream stalled

    And this error comes only with activated Hyperion Addon.

    And i always get the newest from Repo.

    After a while i get very often this in my debug log.

  • What is your hyperion setup like? are you directly accessing SPI or are you using a usb device (like an arduino).

  • I using an arduino.

    edit: with debuging. -

    edit2: i have this error also with another amlogic Hardware.

    I have is tested with Original Build, kszaq build, Raybuntu Build, wrxtasy build.

    Every Build has this error with the libreelec hyperion package.

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