CEC - Stop playback on TV Off = Black Screen

  • Hi all,

    Got a bit of an annoying problem.

    I like to have it that when the TV turns off - it also stops KODI playback (mainly for live TV TvHeadend back-end power saving).

    However, if I have this setting on and it stops playback, when I turn the TV back on - it's a completely black screen.

    I can hear the KODI navigation noises and it does detect the resolution - just no GUI at all.

    I have tried setting the reosultion to a fixed value and also disabled screensaver without any joy.

    This is on a Raspberry Pi 3 running latest stable.

    My Odroid C2 also appears to do the same (on a different TV).

    Both TV's are Samsung (different models).

    Any ideas?

    Maybe I need to add HDMI force hotplug in config?