Sometimes no screen on TV

  • Hi,
    after the update to LE v8.x I have sometimes a black screen on my TV.
    It's a Intel based HTPC connected vi HDMI to a Panasonic Viera TV.
    There is no boot sequence visible on the TV.
    After waiting some hours it works again.
    The box is used in the living room - the family is not happy :(

    Any ideas?
    -- Tolotos

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    Also please be sure, you turn on the TV as the first device in the chain and the HTPC as the last device. If you turn on the HTPC before the TV is up and running, the HTPC tries to read the EDID informations from the TV (which are not available at that moment probably). If the HTPC can't read the EDID informations it will disable the HDMI out and you won't get a screen.

    So please confirm working/non-working if you turn on the HTPC as the last device. If that works, we will go further and do something to fake a connected monitor. But we need to know it working first, because it might also be something different.

  • Hi,

    Today I get a second HTPC from a fried. His HTPC doesn't support 4k as my TV-Set and JTPC do. With his I have no troubles, my is not working for mounthes.

    Is it possible to force LE to use only HD resolution over the console connection?

    -- Tolotos

  • Thank you, I installed my HTPC from scratch and run the script immediately. Hoping now the issue is resolved.