Can't detect WiFi adapter (RPi B+)

  • Hey, first of all, I have 0 Linux experience. I've seen people with similar problems who have been told to post the results of dmesg | pastebinit and lsusb | pastebinit, but since I have no experience I do not know where to enter these. All I have is the Pi and a Windows Laptop.

    I have a Raspberry Pi B+, with LibreELEC (v8.0.1) running on an 8GB MicroSD card. I've tried installing directly through the USB/SD Creator Tool and through NOOBS. The WiFi adapter I have has a Ralink 5370 chipset. It used to work fine, out of the box, before I reinstalled the OS a few days ago, but now it seems it doesn't have the required drivers. (I assume at least).

    When I go into the LibreELEC settings, if I go down to Connections, the box is completely empty and if I go into Network, I get stuck in a loading loop that I have to repeatedly press ESC to get out of.

    If anyone could help, I'd most appreciate it. The box is at my parent's house and I will not be here for very long before I have to leave, so the quicker fix the better! Thanks!

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  • You need to tell us the USB ID's of the device (run 'lsusb' to see them) else we can only guess at the problem.