HOW-TO: provide bug-reports

  • For getting things better we need you to report to us.

    For getting the best support you have to explain your problem as best as you can. "Nothing works" is not very helpful ;).

    For every issue you are facing we need the following:

    • Full hardware specs (GPU is most important)
    • The LibreELEC version you are running ('latest' is not a version number)
    • In most cases a full debuglog
    • Tell us the complete steps how to face the issue, so we can try to reproduce

    Additionally to the above, if you are facing video playback issues:

    • A full debuglog while trying to play the video
    • Informations about the Kodi video and audio settings (maybe a screenshots from both)
    • If possible a mediainfo from that file/container

    Additionally for hardware related problems:

    • Name the specific hardware and maybe a link to the manufactor
    • Get us the output of 'dmesg' while the hardware is connected
    • Get us the output of 'lspci' if it's about PCI hardware
    • Get us the output of 'lsusb' if it's about some USB hardware


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