Netgear A6210

  • Unlike Windows where you can navigate around changing drivers and power / driver settings, this is a little intimidating. A6200/A6210/WNDA3100v2 wireless adapter intermittently disconnects | Answer | NETGEAR Support

    There is no interactive interface. After installing the Network Tools addon from the LE repo you can use the iw* command line tools to configure wireless parameters.

    But I cannot promise that you find a similar option.

  • Power management is off on both devices by default it seems, so that's positive.

    The A6210 doesn't come up by itself as wlan0 (or wlan1) on boot if the other Wifi Adapter is not plugged in together with it.

    However if I start with the A6210 the Libreelec config shows Network Wireless Active but there are no connections.

    If I then plug/unplug the adapter connections appear; I can even SSH in with putty, but it quickly drops the connection and putty times out.

    This is all I got before it timed out. It's in a powered hub so power should not be an issue.

    There is possibly something going on with sleep though, I believe. If I play something before Libreelec goes into that darker sleep mode screen, it seems to keep the connection for a little while, before breaking it and then it collapses. Once in that sleep mode though, something happens to the adapter, it's like snow white except she never wakes up. Either way it stops functioning.

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  • Just an update: using Alpha 520 of Libreelec for Kodi 19 which includes driver and firmware. Recognised immediately and works initially but after 5-10 mins it carks out. WiFi drops connection and although shows connected cannot SSH or ping. No problem with T4Uv2 out of tree device. Am interested in others feedback.

    LibreELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 19.0)