Outside Access (WAN)

  • I don't know if anyone has run across anything like this and in my mind it is more of a network issue than anything. However, I don't have any idea where I should go to post this.

    I am running a rpi3 with v 8.0.1 MR that has a tvheadend 4.2 backend.

    On my router I have setup port forwarding for the for this device for ports 8080 and 9981. That way I could remotely access both the chorus interface as well as tvheadend.

    At this time I also setup port forwarding for 2 IP Cameras I have.

    I then went to dynu.com and set me up a dynamic dns. Let's call it portal.dynu.com.

    I can sit at home and go to any of these ports and it works perfectly. For example if I go to http : // portal.dynu.com:9981 it goes to the tvheadend and doesn't miss a beat.

    If I am at work. All of the connections time out and I get nothing. I guessing this has something to do with the settings here at the office. No big deal.

    If I am to a connected to a MIfi device and try to connect, I can get to the IP Cameras just fine. However if I try to get to the ports on the rpi3 it times out.

    I am really confused that I can reach this DNS when I am on my home network, but not when away.

    I disabled my firewall so a short time thinking something there might be causing it. That didn't help.

    Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas what this could be? It really isn't a big deal. Just hate not knowing. :P

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