Which is the right image for an A95X (1G/8G)?

  • I have an A95X-B7N with 1G in RAM and 8G in ROM. Which image should I be using, and where can I find instructions?

    I found a guide here: LibreELEC 7.0 For S905/X - FreakTab.com

    That prompts me to load this image: : LibreELEC-S905.aarch64-

    However I cannot find an image like that listed on your download section.

  • Download the latest image of the 8.0 branch. Use either Win32DiskImager or Rufus to copy it to an SD drive. Download the device tree file: gxl_p212_1g.dtb.

    Rename it dtb.img and copy it over the file with the same name on your SD card.

    Unplug your device. Insert the SD card. Using a toothpick (I use a QTip cut in half) push it into the AV slot - you'll hear the reset button click down. While holding the button down, plug the device in.

    LibreElec will come up onscreen and you can remove and dispose of the toothpick/QTip.


  • Andrew, I am on a MAC.

    You are going to have to take it a little slow with me, I am not familiar where everything is located on the website. Where do I find the latest 8.0 branch? I looked around in DOWNLOADS and did not find anything that had branches or a device tree file.

  • Ok, take a deep breath.

    Were you successful in breathing? Good, you have the technical skills to do this, then.

    Googling Win32DiskImager for Mac turned up several alternatives - ApplePi-Baker was one. You'll have to do some googling if that doesn't work.

    Download whichever version of LibreElec you want. In the thread (presently called) [8.0.1j] LibreELEC 8.0 for S905/S905X (the j is the most current) there is a top thread (post 1) which lists the versions (a-j), a changelog of sorts and their download location. From this link you can download the files (link is listed next to 'Downloads'). For the image, use the .img.gz file. You'll need to 'unzip' this file with whatever tool one uses on a Mac. On a PC it's WinZip or 7-Zip or a number of other choices.

    You'll now have a .img file on your machine. Use ApplePi-Baker or your other 'image burner' software to create the SD card version to put in your device. Don't just copy it, it has to be 'burned' to have the layout correct - like not trying to just copy a .ISO file onto a CD and thinking that will recreate the original. This is what ApplePi-Baker or Rufus does with the .img file.

    OK, now, in the same thread and same location as the link to the images, there is a link to the device trees. You'll need to download the right device tree. Effectively, this tells the software (version j in our case) about the hardware your specific device uses (bluetooth, network chip, wifi) so that it operates correctly. Some S905/S905X have non supported components (bluetooth or wifi); you shouldn't have to worry about these with your device. The device tree file you want to download is above in my original response. You'll change the name (as in the original post) and copy it to the root directory of the now formatted SD Card (this replaces the 'generic' or not-for-your-machine version which is there from the .img file by default).

    Now, just follow the directions above (toothpick, etc.) and 'poof'.