DVD support - no video playback

  • Hi folks, some help resolving DVD playback would be appreciated.

    I have a Lenovo Thinkcentre (4GB RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo E7400, Intel on-board graphics) set up as a HTPC with latest generic x86_64 image.

    All works fine except for playback from DVDs (proper ones, not ripped!).

    Log file

    Any help would be great, thanks :huh:

  • There seem to be issues with mpeg2 acceleration on Intel VAAPI.

    Try activating "Expert" Settings Level and disabling "Use MPEG-2 VAAPI" in "Player" - "Videos" settings.

    When still not working you can test disabling VAAPI acceleration completely.

  • I guess it's not an issue. It's just that you are using a G45 Chipset which seem to have the GMA X4500 GPU.
    By that list

    Supported hardware - Official Kodi Wiki

    the GMA X4500HD is the minimum which is required for haredware accelerated video playback. There are different versions of the G45 chipset. One has the GMA X4500 and the other has the GMX X4500HD. So I would say, your hardware is just too old in the end for hardware accelerated video playback.

    Unfortunately in german:

    Intel-4-Serie – Wikipedia

  • Yes, but there are several reports up to Intel Core iX regarding MPEG2 playback like SD Live TV or DVDs.

    From the usage view this usually can be solved by disabling the "Use MPEG-2 VAAPI" setting.