EasyBcd duel boot libreelec and win10

  • Good morning all I'm looking for some advice, i have an Acer revo RL85 which has a 2tb hard drive which i have partitioned into 2x 1tb and installed windows 10 in "legacy" mode to one partition.
    I've also installed a 250gb hard drive which i have installed libreelec to while the hard drive was in my laptop.
    I'm trying to use easybcd to set up a boot selection screen but i keep getting it wrong and after the 4th time of breaking windows I figured I'd ask in here if anyone has successfully set this combination up?
    What settings have you used in easybcd when entering libreelec?
    Easybcd doesn't seem to see libreelec. Everything that's I've read relates to the 2 OS's being on the same hard drive

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Many thanks and all the best


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    Doen't the Acer revo RL85 have a hotkey for a boot menu from the BIOS/UEFI, so you can select which HDD to boot from?

  • Hi klojum yes the revo does have hot key to boot menu but ideally was looking for a pop up selection window.
    Hi vitorp07 yeah i read that and in the end went along those lines
    I ended up installing both OS's to the 250gb HDD and left the 2tb as 2x 1tb storage drives. Once done easybcd did work and i now have it setup nicely.

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