Scanning movie to Library problem

  • I am running into a problem and posting here as I didn't find a solution after scanning various forum. I added a new move to library and run a refresh using the context menu (scan to library) from folder view. I am using the movie database scrapper. It finds the movie information and the artwork all right. However as soon as I go back to folder view, all the scrapping/metadata is gone. I can repeat this process but the same results. The only error I see in the Kodi log is:

    ERROR: GetVideoDetails: Invalid XML file (want <details>)

    I am using MySQL running off my NAS and all the movies are stored on the NAS too.

    I am running LE Amlogic Krypton build 8.0.1e.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    The only error I see in the Kodi log is:

    The only error I see, is that we only are provided with one, single line from the kodi.log file, and are supposed to do our 'magic' with that.

    Enable the debug mode, reboot for a clean log, rescan your movie(s), and upload the full kodi.log file.