Please consider bumping nvidia-legacy to 340.XX

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    the driver used in LibreELEC for legacy nvidia cards is version 304.xx. As discussed on the parent/sister project forum, this has several drawbacks for users of ION/ION2 chipsets. Link:

    OpenELEC Mediacenter - OpenELEC Forum - Nvidia driver 340.96 (OE6...OE-X) for ION/ION2 (1/3)

    I tested both versions, and while both offer hardware-accelerated playback with the ION chipset, only the 340.xx versions worked properly with European DVB-S and DVB-S2 broadcast streams (high-bitrate interlaced/progressive MPEG-2 576i/576p, high-bitrate progressive h.264 720p and very high-bitrate interlaced h.264 1080i). Problems are most noticeable with hardware deinterlacing turned on. Using HDMI passthrough with my AVR also worked better with the 340.xx version.

    Regular local or remote HD/SD progressive material (internet streaming, MKV files) work fine with both versions.

    Switching from version 304.xx to 340.xx would leave users of GeForce generation 6 and 7 cards without support, but these cards do not even offer any hardware accelerated playback of videos.

    I would also like to mention that nvidia does not officially support the use of hardware accelerated video playback using vdpau on the 304.xx version.

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  • My latest LE master (Kodi 17) build now uses 340.96 in place of 304.131. On my Revo 3700 with ION2 I'm not seeing any obvious difference.

    Index of /builds/master/Generic/

    If there are no issues it's something we will consider updating officially in LE8.

    I'd welcome this too. The 304.131 driver works quite well, but it can very occasionally result in skipped frames when playing blu-ray rips (I have Asus AT5IONT-I). The possible switch to 340.96 was discussed in the OE forums as well, but without any definite conclusion. It's the main reason that I and some others currently produce our own builds. I haven't yet got very far with building LibreELEC but will try soon, I'm sure. I have a spare machine to do it, but I'm no expert regarding the software itself.

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  • I second this. I have been using the modified builds made by S80_UK and others with my As rock ION330 and my Asus eee pc's and see the difference .

    Please include this is LE8