Movies won't play from "Movies" menus anymore

  • So when I first set things up I pointed my movies source to the HD in my PC and all the movies propagated fine. The system was fine for several months but now when I select a movie I get the message it's no longer available and do I want to remove it from the library. If I navigate to the HD through the file manager I can go to the movie from there and it will play fine. I'm having this issue with all movies, TV shows and music. Don't know why is suddenly stopped working but is there an easy way to repair the association to the PCs HD ??

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    Probably because the IP of the hosting machine has been changed (DHCP?). This might also happen if you change the path to those movies in any way.

    What you can do now is:

    - rescan all your movies (will get you double entries)
    - remove the existing source, add a new source and let Kodi scrape again

    To prevent this:

    - get the hosting machine a static IP
    - don't change the path to those files

  • I had changed things from static IPs to DHCP in the house so I guess that would explain it but why would the IP changing effect a local hard drive in the PC?

  • It shouldn't. Did you perhaps change label of the volume where your movies where stored? That would affect the mount point path and give the same result.

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    You could check the path while using Estuary by navigating to one of the movies in your library, press "i" on your keyboard, navigate to refresh. While you are there, the path is listed under the button.


    but why would the IP changing effect a local hard drive in the PC?

    sorry, I thought we were talking about some network storage ;) . My fault.