Merge setting screens Kodi & lebreElec

  • Could LibreElec setting screens be merged with the Kodi setting screens to create a beter integrated experience.

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    No, as LibreELEC settings is it's own addon AFAIK. That's the reason why it might be located under different locations using different skins. Sometimes (for AeonMQ6 for example) it's located under "Programs". So including it, even it would be possible, would brake a lot of things for other skinners, I guess.

    And I suppose we like the idea have those things completely seperated to Kodi settings as they effect completely different things.

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    dr88dr88: It would be nice to do that, but Kodi settings are part of the compiled kodi.bin binary so to add LE settings there would require us to patch our own C++ code into Kodi and then pray our upstream Kodi brethren don't rearrange and trample all over some bit of code we depend on. It's technically possible but ultimately a lot of work and frequent rework, so it's not something we're likely to tackle anytime soon.