Wolfson/Cirrus Logic audio card is now supported in official LibreELEC builds

  • Good news, everyone!

    I'm happy to announce that we integrated support for the Wolfson and Cirrus Logic cards into LibreELEC. Starting with today's 8.0.1 release these cards will work with official builds.

    LibreELEC (Krypton) v8.0.1 MR – LibreELEC

    If you've been using my 8.0.0 build just do a manual update to the official 8.0.1 version. This is going to be a seamless update, all your configuration settings will be preserved.

    HOW TO:Update LibreELEC - LibreELEC

    If you are new to this and do a fresh install with 8.0.1 don't forget to enable the card in config.txt via

    1. dtoverlay=rpi-cirrus-wm5102

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  • Could I say, in that case, THANK YOU for your hard work in allowing us less brainy people to be able to use our cards.

    Without all your hard work and the explanations, I doubt many of us would have got them working.

    I suspect I'm not the only one who feels like this either...



  • Hi Hias,

    Hope you are well.

    I updated to version 8.0.2 and the output to speakers didn't work. I had applied the dtoverlay change in config file and the udevrules to playback to speakers as well and also changed the output to "ALSA...". However, I am not getting output to speakers.

    I didn't check from which version I updated.

    Since that build did not work, i downloaded 8.0.1 (probably stupid to downgrade) and applied that update. And that didn't work to.

    One thing I am seeing missing is, that there are no "playback_to...." files in the /usr/bin/ folder which is referenced in the udevrules.

    Can you please advise how to solve this? Am I doing anything wrong?



  • How did you configure speaker out?

    Since version 7.0.3 of my community builds custom configuration is now handled via .config/rpi-cirrus-config.sh. Use the rpi-cirrus-config.sh.sample file from that directory as a template, you only need to un-comment the "playback_to_speakers" line and reboot.

    Instead of the old, separate shell-scripts to configure the card helper functions from the /usr/lib/alsa/rpi-cirrus-functions.sh script are now used - this turned out to be more flexible and easier to maintain than the separate scripts.

    Also make sure you selected "RPi-Cirrus Analog" as audio output device, "RPi-Cirrus S/PDIF" will only output to S/PDIF and mute all other outputs. "Analog" will output to whatever you have configured in the rpi-cirrus-config.sh script (default is line+headset+spdif out).

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  • Thanks Hias.

    That worked.

    One more, I had my line-in configured to play on speakers through .sh script and udevrules in old build.

    How do I get this to work? Do I need to enable anything else as you advised above?



  • One more, I had my line-in configured to play on speakers through .sh script and udevrules in old build.

    How do I get this to work? Do I need to enable anything else as you advised above?

    Add this to the rpi cirrus config script:

    1. # default input gain +8dB
    2. setup_line_in 8
    3. # route line in to mixer 2 of speaker-out. 32 means 0dB gain
    4. set_mixer $speaker_out_signals $line_in_signals 32 2

    Adjust the gain settings as you like, but better keep the output gain at 0dB (raw value 32), otherwise you risk clipping.

    Some more examples on how to work with the mixer helper functions can be found in the mixer-scripts for raspbian: rpi-cirrus-config/mixer-scripts at master · HiassofT/rpi-cirrus-config · GitHub

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  • Thanks Hias. That worked. Appreciate your help.

    Another topic, I wanted to enable Bluetooth audio receiver on RPI 3.

    Basically, I want to play Audio from my mobile device to Speakers connected to my Cirrus logic audio card on RPI3.

    And in this regards, came across following article. I haven't tried the commands suggested. But any views from you on this article and chances of success.

    Pulseaudio - LibreELEC



  • I haven't used Pulseaudio or Bluetooth audio devices myself yet, so my knowledge in that area is zero.

    But lrusak, who wrote that wiki article, is quite experienced in that area, so that information should be accurate.

    In that aspect the Wolfson / Cirrus cards work identical to all other ALSA cards, so it's better to post in the General Forum if you have questions about that.

    so long,