Compile Sapphire remote driver

  • Hello,

    Anyone have this driver working with LibreElec?

    I try lots of times but I can not get it working. It looks like the device is using topseed driver instead of sapphire. It never change the last_key:

    # cat /proc/sapphire 
    event_count 2
    last_key 0x00000000
    elapsed_secs 313

    Need I disable any IR module? The sapphire module is loaded in every reboot:

    # lsmod | grep sapphire
    sapphire                8260  0

    I waill really appreciate your help, I used this remote with MythTV and it is very flexible for long-press buttons.

    Kind regards.

  • Thanks CvH,

    Yes, I am using LE oficial addon:

    Before o install the latest version I want to be sure that it works for others.

    Kind regards.