How to install and use skin.estuary-jarvis

  • I don’t know if this question belongs in a Kodi forum, bare with me for asking anyway. Can anyone tell how to install and use this? I just found it on github, but it doesn’t offer a readme or instructions for the stupid.


    • I’ve tried just downloading it, added to my Downloads folder and went to add-on > install from .zip. It “installed” but I couldn’t find it anywhere afterwards.
    • I’ve tried placing the skin.estuary-jarvis folder in Userdata, but it didn’t work too.

    Can anyone offer some insights? Thanks.

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    There is no thread for this in the kodi forum either. So the only guy who can shed some light on this is the guy who made it. His contact info can be found on github, so contact him there would be my best guess.

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    I've just tried to install this - and it reports an error in the botton right hand corner. Also, this is the default skin for Kodi 17, so it's possible that dependancies have not been met, or that it needs Kodi 17 to run.

    However, if you want to have a look at it running, flash a new image of LE 7.90.002 where Estuary is the default skin.

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    Yes upgrading to alpha would be the best way. BUT, keep in mind that downgrading kodi versions is not always a good things and things may break. So if you want to be able to go back to stable, I suggest making a backup on 7.0.2 before updating to 7.90.002.

  • I have tried the upgrading to alpha, and it broke some add-ons, I spend quite some time downgrading / flashing a new sd card. So I guess it boils down to how badly I want that skin, it is great :D