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    I get no errors, or I'm duing it completely wrong.

    This have worked before, it would spin down after a few min. But it wouldn't be persistent, everytime the device rebooted, I would have to do it all over again. Now nothing happens.

    The only changes I've made is that I've formatted the external hard drive from exFAT to ext4 and switch from OpenELEC to LibreELEC 7.0.1, which shouldn't matter... I think...

    It would be awesome if hdpram, hd-idle or some other HDD spin down settings could be added to the LibreELEC configuration GUI. I’ve tried downloading the System Tools add-on, but I can’t make it work.I have a Seagate expansion ext4 formatted hard drive.I’ve tried change the APM level:

    1. hdparm -B 127 /dev/sda2

    Raspberry Pi model 3
    LibreELEC 7.0.1
    Kodi 16.1

    I don’t know if this question belongs in a Kodi forum, bare with me for asking anyway. Can anyone tell how to install and use this? I just found it on github, but it doesn’t offer a readme or instructions for the stupid.


    • I’ve tried just downloading it, added to my Downloads folder and went to add-on > install from .zip. It “installed” but I couldn’t find it anywhere afterwards.
    • I’ve tried placing the skin.estuary-jarvis folder in Userdata, but it didn’t work too.

    Can anyone offer some insights? Thanks.