Is it possible to make a build LE7 with Kodi 17

  • Hello!

    Is it possible to build LE7 with Kodi 17 for crosschecking?

    LE8 has differnt issues on my system:
    Higher CPU load while playing videos and live TV.
    Some Remote functions not working anymore.
    Can't set a timestamp (setwakeup)

    So I was thinking of a build to figure out if those problems are Kodi related or not.


  • Hello Klojum!

    X86 N3700 intel graphic.

    I am not having a build system right now.
    But I really appreciate your afford!


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  • People seem to think that we are sitting right next to them when their problems happen, and we know all their tech details already.
    We don't. We have no crystal ball, we cannot read tea leafs.

    "Higher CPU load while playing videos and live TV."
    How high?? What was it before and after??
    Which type of videos?
    Which type of LiveTV?

    "Some Remote functions not working anymore"
    Which remote functions??

    It's the same as taking your car to a garage and say:
    "My car doesn't drive that fast any more, and some things don't work anymore. What can the problem be?"

  • No I do not.
    And I really appreciate all your guys work here!

    I looks to me this could be the smartest, way to figure things out.And that's why I was asking if such a build is possible.

    To figure out which issues are kodi related?
    To get a starting point.

    Like the thing with setwakeup which looks now it is a kodi issue.

    Alot of people having problems with there remote since LE8. So it would be helpful if this is a kodi thing or not.