Tvheadend client not working in Wetek Play 8.0.0

  • Hello,

    I upgrade the Wetek Play to latest build 8.0.0. When it reboot it say that tvheadend is not working, so I unistall it.

    Now I wsnt to install again but there is no way.

    Is there some problem with this addon?

    Best regards.

  • Hi,

    sometimes the configuration files really really mess up (at least this was the case with 7.0).

    So if you just "uninstalled" the plugin, in my experience this might not be enough.

    Do a backup and then do a "hard reset" (LibreELEC Settings -> System -> Reset to Defaults -> Reset LibreELEC to defaults) and start anew.

    If it still does not work, only then I would start to worry.

    For the future: Do regular backups. If it happens again, just restore the last working backup.