Android OS disappeared?

  • Hello,

    I recently bought a Mini M8S II S905X and installed the LibreELEC 8.0 (Kodi 17 Krypton) build on the device. Now for whatever reason, I can no longer go back to the Android OS window where you can navigate to other applications such as netflix, settings, etc. When i used to press the home button on the remote, it would go back to the Android window with all other apps. Now nothing happens. Ive been informed to ask on this forum as it worked fine before i installed LibreELEC 8.0

  • When you installed libreelec you had a choice - install to sd card (or usb stick) or install to internal memory.
    If you installed to sd / usb then you can either:
    'Reboot to nand' - may be in your power memory if you're using the default skin;
    or power off, unplug the sd / usb, power on.
    If you installed to internal memory then android is gone. You'd need to reinstall.

  • Respect for the reply.

    So if you install to internal memory, it wipes android OS interface?

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  • I cant seem to get my Android device to recognize on my usb burning rom. Ive put the android device in safe mode but no luck. Im going to try another USB device when I can get my hands on it. The USB burning rom appeared to recognize the device when it installed the drivers when it was first plugged in. But once it boots into safe mode, I cant get it to display as a recognized device.