CEC messaging from Kodi to TV broken on 7.0.1

  • Hi,

    I migrated from OpenElec 6.0.3 to LibreElec 7.0.1 and in the process the following funtion stoped working:

    In OE 6.0.3: Kodi buil-in functions CECActivateSource() and CECStandby() successfully turn on and off the TV respectivelly

    without changing any settings or configuration on either TV nor the LibreElec device, I upgraded from OE 6.0.3 to LibreElec 7.0.1 using tar file

    after upgrade, CEC work correctly from TV to Kodi (I can control KODI from my TV remote) but the buil-in KODI functions CECActivateSource() and CECStandby() do not work any more.

    The hardware I use is a Rapsberry Pi 2 and a Samsung TV.

    EDIT: this appears to be a problem with KODI JArvis, as reported by many others, for example:
    CEC issues with Jarvis · Issue #3 · joshjowen/script.json-cec · GitHub

    it would be great if we can get a patch on LibreElect without having to move to Krypton.

    Please advice if any logs or tests are required.

    EDIT 2: I have migrated to the latest Krypton release of LibreElec, and the misbehavior is mostly gone. Now CECActivateSource() and CECStandby() work as expected. The part that still does not work correctly is that even if configured to NOT do so, when LibreElec boots, it turn on the TV (I'm guessing it sends the CECActivateSource()).
    So it seems only Jarvis is broken and Krypton mostly solves the issues.

    Is it possible to get a fix in LibreElec 7 / Jarvis or are we supossed to move directly to 7.9 Alpha / Krypton?

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  • I run into the exact same problem but with a Sony TV. Would be awsome if this could get fixed in Jarvis.

  • The challenge with Jarvis is that Kodi team are not accepting patches/changes; they already moved all development to Krypton. If you can point us to a patch that can be added to a future (v7.0.3) release we can test it and have no problem including it.