Video playback problems with 8.0

  • Hi guys,

    I've been using Libreelec with my Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 Gb RAM, Intel Graphics and a 80 GB HD. Works perfectly with version 7.

    Yesterday I upgraded to 8 and I had problems with video playback. The new graphic interface works perfectly (awesome, btw) but when I chose a video file, the audio is played but the video is freezed. It took several seconds to display a frame from de video I chose. A few more several seconds to display another. But the audio is fine.

    I downgraded to 7 and the very same video was played flawlessly.

    I tried 8 again from a pendrive, live and clean instalation, and the same problem.

    Has someone else had the same problem?

  • In "Player settings->Videos" is Hardware acceleration enabled?
    Try different settings and "Enable HQ scalers for scaling above" select 20% or above.

  • Yes, Hardware acceleration is enabled but the problem persists.

    Like I said, same hardware works flawlessly with 7....

  • Hi there, soo i`ve testing the latest 3 or 4 betas and the official one and none off them work proper, video never worked - 0.2 frames? audio yes but eventualy the system hangs, no mater what configurations i change(i read alot about it but no solution founded) but the 7 version works very very good on my device.

    Zotac SDId12, Atom D525,Intel GMA 3150, 2GB DDR3 and 160gb Hdd
    i leave here some logs if anyone want to check them the 2016 log is from libreelec 7.0.2