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    hi there guys, soo i do have a zotac sd-id10, Atom D510, Intel Graphics 3150, 2gbram\250gb hd and i been used LE from many years (now 8.25) without any issue\or small issues or the hardware limitation( 1080p are slow) wich i can live with them :) , after updating to leia alpha all the letters from main window and all sub menus are missed, other thing it erased all user settings(not user data - all movies are ok :) ) , soo i updated twice(manualy) issues mantain, i reverted back to 8.25 and all ok! if i remember right the same had happen to me on 1st´s versions LE 8 ! i dont know if it is hardware or software issue....

    Anyway thanks for your work and time with us noobs!

    Rock On mates!

    Hi there, soo i`ve testing the latest 3 or 4 betas and the official one and none off them work proper, video never worked - 0.2 frames? audio yes but eventualy the system hangs, no mater what configurations i change(i read alot about it but no solution founded) but the 7 version works very very good on my device.

    Zotac SDId12, Atom D525,Intel GMA 3150, 2GB DDR3 and 160gb Hdd
    i leave here some logs if anyone want to check them the 2016 log is from libreelec 7.0.2