Error after installing LE 7.0.1 to NAND of wetek core

  • Hi,

    so far I've been booting LE on my wetek.core from an sd card and I thought it's about time to install it into the internal NAND.
    I've downloaded the current 7.0.1 image, extracted it on a FAT-formatted sd card and inserted it into the wetek.
    I pushed the update button at the wetek's bottom and held it while I plugged the power cable back in.
    The update routine started (the android droid and a progress bar appeared).
    I went out of the room for a moment and when I came back, I saw an error message "sh: can't access tty: job control turned off" and a root prompt ("#").
    When I reboot the device, I always land there.

    Can anyone tell me what went wrong?


  • Hi,
    I downloaded the zip today, shortly before my posting. That one:

    $ md5
    MD5 ( = b4532f40a21801be3336ca167d5af612

    It's not the update image, since I was running the stock Wetek Android build up to now.


  • Hi,
    I had a little time to play today...
    I installed an (unofficial) OpenElec image from wetekforums member xaro to NAND.
    This did work, but it seemed to hang during the boot process (the openelec logo never disappeared).
    Maybe because it was a development image...

    Anyway, I flashed the LE 7.0.1 image afterwards and it decided to work then.
    No idea why.


  • Like Hellspawn above, I can confirm the same ssh error on bootup after attempting to install LibreELEC 7.0.2 to NAND on my WeTek Core.

    I used the WeTek Core NAND installer (.zip file from LibreELEC downloads page). After a long wait on the Android update screen (animated green Android droid and progress bar) the system restarts and after the WeTek.Core splash screen appears it shows this error in the upper left of screen: "ssh: can't access tty: job control turned off". Subsequent restarts will not move past this error.

    So I then installed OE7 beta 3 (6.95.3) available from the OpenELEC website which installs successfully but the WeTek Core remote does not function. Thinking that something was not right with OE7b3 I opted to install OE 7.0.0 provided by wrxtasy in the WeTek forums since it seems to be the most recent (May 27, 2016). This also installs fine but the WeTek Core remote still does not work, althouth the CEC function works fine using the standard TV remote. I've written to WeTek support to request help with the remote not working in OE. I've read about mapping remote keys but haven't explored it further.

    **Update 30 minutes later**

    I updated from OE to LE via the .tar file (.tar file from LE downloads page dropped in OE 'Update' folder and rebooted) and LE successfully installs and loads, but the WeTek Core remote still does not work. I even loaded the keymap file as suggested by the 'Alernative keymaps for WeTek remotes' Kodi page (pasting code into a new text document and saving as keyboard.xml and placing in ~/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/ folder and then restarting Kodi) but it doesn't fix the problem of the remote not working.

    The only button that responds on the Core's remote is the power button but it does not function normally. If I power off using the CEC remote, the Core powers off and its LED goes red... if I then hit the power button on Core's remote it will make the LED turn blue again but it won't power on. I have to manualy turn on the Core by pressing the power button on the device (or by unplugging/replugging).

    Does anyone out there with LibreELEC 7 know how to get the WeTek Core remote control to work?

    Thank you,


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  • I'm using an IR remote with my Core, so I have a heavily customized remote.conf.
    The Core remote is using radio frequencies, so my IR config shouldn't matter...
    Anyway, the Core remote is working out of the box for me, even parallel to my IR remote.