EPG data disappearing

  • startup computer, start libreelec wait for tvhead to startup
    goto tv guide - all epg information there
    supend or shutdown
    start/boot up
    look at tv guide
    all the epg information is missing

    tvheadend backend all data still there.

    kodi 17.0-ALPHA2 Git:4e90409
    tvheadend 4.2(4.1.1945)
    tvhead htsp client 3.3.1
    only using over the air epg.

  • Could you post a log ? for me this goes away if I "clear data" under the tv settings tab.

    hope this log is what you were after?
    yes i have tried the clear data. when i do this the tv guide then just stays blank

    thank you for any help you can provide.

  • ERROR: AddOnLog: Tvheadend HTSP Client: pvr.hts - Command getDiskSpace failed: Unable to stat path
    it complains that some file could not be found due false path - good question whats wrong here

    1. could be that you set the wrong folder for recordings in tvh !?

    2. pls post the /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/pvr.hts/settings.xml - after that pls remove it and reboot (reconfigure the pvr.hts addon)

    every error looks like some problem server side - did you a clean tvheadend 42 or is it some "update" ?

  • 1. never set the folder for recordings in tvh - is out of box made no changes except to setup the channels
    2. file settings-org.xml.zip as requested
    3. file settings-after.xml.zip is the file it recreated after i deleted above file

    this was an upgrade of my v7.0.1(v7.0.1 was a clean install) to the alpha version(was trying to see if it fixed my issue from

    after upgrade when system came up said some add-ons not compitable, it auto-updated some of my add-ons, others i went into add-ons and did auto-update.

    added latest logfile, looks like same error still there. looked in tvh server recording set to /storage/recordings
    but will need to test further but looks like epg working(staying???)

    NOPE spoke to soon. it is keeping the epg but only what is on now and in future. so say you see the epg for 8pm and onwards(there is a show that goes form 8pm to 8:15pm) after i resume or shutdown start and its now 8:16pm the epg does not show the info from the 8pm to 8:15pm it is blank show only from 8:16pm onwards.

  • ok been a few days, and it looks like its settled down. the epg i staying? looks like it works. thank you. still odd there did nto seem to be much of a difference between the 2 settings files?