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    Hello, I'm french too !

    I've no problem at all with tvhe with wetek play 2 with DVB-T tuner.

    But I think that nobody can help you if you dont provide your logs and dont explain your config.

    It could be a bad signal or a hardware problem for exemple ...

    Sorry, what I mean is:

    When you type '/storage/.config' what are you trying to do? That's just the folder remote.conf should be in - looking at the first post the OP is just giving you an address, a place to stick the file, not an instruction to type. I can see how it's not clear if you're unfamiliar with putty / ssh.

    Do you have a remote.conf that you want to stick in /storage/.config?

    This is my remote.conf file for wetek play 2, if that could help someone ...

    This is not really a général bug, but it is for me !
    I explain : I've recently turn "sync video to display" to have a better cinema experience with 23.976 / 24.000 movies.
    Then I notice a sync audio/video problem when TV turn on 24p.
    I must correct this by the audio treshold parametter to have 175ms of audio delay.
    If I do "apply for all videos" then 24p videos are sync but not the rest of videos.
    Then I notice video section on advancedsettings.xml.
    If I put the delay for 23/24 at 0, then all is fine sync. (by puting a modified copy of the file in userdata folder)
    The question is : Is the video section in advancedsettings.xml still needed on recent LE ???

    My HTPC : Intel i5 with integrated intel GPU - LE 7.95.2 généric


    The path is right, VDR can only use SRP Picons while Tvh can also handle SNP Picons.
    VDR uses the same path and if you like to use srp picons just extract them into picons/vdr.

    If the picons downloader addon is finished you have just to click download ;)

    Ok CvH thanks a lot for that, I didn't know !

    Truying LE 7.90.009 with Tvheadend42 service.
    There is a little error on package/config file :
    The picon path is set to : file:///storage/picons/vdr/ , as it should be file:///storage/picons/tvh/.
    Just a little thing but it take me about one hour to find why channels icons doesn't appear !!!!
    Thanks to correct that for stable version ...

    Something else I can't do : activate timeshift. When I check "activate" it doesn't, and it stay désactivate ...


    Hello CvH,
    I thaught that perraps you could help me !
    For my experience and my pleasure, I'm trying to build my own LE with ljalves for my tbs 6280.
    I know that you build it for us and I thank you very much for that.
    I've "git clone" official 7 branch and git clone your LE dvb-drivers branch.
    I've copy your ljalves ans tbs-firmware folders into LibreELEC official and add ljalves and tbs-firmware in option file of distribution folder.
    So all is correctly build with this two drivers.
    But when I do fresh install and intall tvheadend, the is no tv adapter in the list ...
    What am I missing ???
    Thank you very much for your help ..

    Just wanted to thanks a lot to CvH and LE team.
    I made a new install yesterday of cvh v 7.0.0 and my tbs 6280 tuner just well reconized and tvheadend working.
    Congratulations for this very easy solution for tbs owners.
    All is working like a charm on my intel platform.
    Thanks a lot , hello LE, and bye bye OE ....

    This is fixed with the next version.

    this would takes a while - also the OE version didn't have Autoupdate !

    Sure, but what I wanted to say was that it would be more simple for TBS owners and others, to have drivers addon directly integrated to the same Official LE ... but that is in my dreams !!!
    But You made this solution and that is not so bad ...

    Hello !!
    On this week-end I was trying this LE version by CvH.
    On my intel based HTPC, I had the error when trying to install TBS drivers.
    So I read the entire post and see that a txt file have to been manualy create and put in download folder.
    So after that, all working great and my TBS 6280 pci card well reconised.

    So I will turn to LE from OE when this drivers addon will integrate Official LE to have automatic updates ..

    That is a very big progress, thanks to CvH and all team for your hard work ...
    (scuse for my bad english !!)